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What I've learned in the last night:

Need to set clear goals when I'm in a set and lead to the close.
Ego issue? Very often I feel like the girl is not that awesome and that it wouldn't be such a great loss if I just leave. Maybe I should learn to lower my criteria and stop seeking the nice blue-eyed blonde with beautiful long hair. I certainly should push myself, try to close at least one time because there are too much interactions that go nowhere. What I must be looking for now is just a healthy, normal girl. Otherwise I'll just spread too much time looking for that perfect girl.
I am able to force myself to do things I'm not really feel comfortable doing. I take the first step and I'm already doing it. But sometimes I don't take that first step. I should be taking those first steps more often. Sometimes, I still hesitate to just talk to a girl in certain situations.
I should get more blow-outs to become much less sensitive. I got only one on the last night, and it doesn't feel good. I restored my state five minutes later but I really had to work on it mentally and physically.

Planning for the next week :

Wednesday night:
  - Warming up sets : work on my the sub-communication first (eye contact, rapport, voice volume)
  - Be goal-oriented and use my “natural” method (without the outer game part)
  - Day game, and maybe alone, using what Alexander~ wrote
Saturday night:
  - Goal: try to get blown out by showing a lot of intent. Do at least  20 approaches like this.
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