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Many thanks for the community and Ozzie, whose book "The Physical Game" I just bought which is an excellent work.
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With almost 1 1/2 years passed from the bootcamp scenario, somethings have altered the path of developing the kind of ideal self-esteem, lack of outcome orientation and simply having fun has become a depleting resource nowdays due to several reasons, nothing too serious, just an accumulation of rather trĂ­vial things like living abroad on your own with only a few good friends and in addition to that, very excessive studying.
But I truly believe that integral part of getting the kind of satisfaction I need is to set up different short-term/long-term and priority/secondary goals and really contemplate the order of them, with the ideal situation being that you have a transitive order of preferences from A to B, which are flexible in terms of having an array of different options in your daily life and providing flexibility, but in in terms of serving my own goals and not flexibility because someone else has pre-determined and influenced to be to do. Let me illustrate, getting a good foreign degree from a good University is one of my main goals for my early twenties. It is a tradeoff of one kind, but I require that for improving the prospects of steady salary in the later years to come. This is not meant be mean something like a middle-class guy explaining about life in a very sterile, calculated way. The way I see certain tradeoffs or sacrifices in my life lies in the fact that being and feeling good with myself enables me to be interested in other people, especially women :D Getting a degree alliviates the kind of strain I feel of not haviong the degree completed yet. Once I receice it next year I can-to use a very common phrase among modern women-open a new chapter in my life. I want and I will pass certain barriers in life, not for the sake of other people but for the sake of my life. I want live my ideal life and that ideal life is nothing but a combination of living and planning, having a little bit endurance, confidence and trust to my goals. And if I see some  great development happening in certain areas in my life, I can self-congratulate myself by having a few cold beers or a glass of wine, unwind and say to myself "you deserve all this!" "You are the shit!" and in that moment there is no one in this world capable of taking that refined moment of solitary enjoyment from me.
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