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Its just about ten days now until the first showing of the hotseat, and I’m here, in Las Vegas, putting it all together.

I've distilled 40 infield sessions down into two days of your viewing and learning pleasure, So I thought i'd wet your appetite and get you thinking about what's coming up at the live event coming to your city!


You told me over and over again 'OH man! Can you please come back to my city again... I had to work a shift waiting tables that day!' I'm like dude! Save the date!

And now for the breakdown of the hotseat! All the components, from all over the world! the hardest part about the delivery of this hotseat is the distillation of whats going to be of most value and inspiration to you, down from 40 sessions, about 6 hours each, with two cameras and audio... thats about 480 hours of footage and 3.6 terabytes! Its pure logistical mastery to manage all the footage itself. 

Its world grade alchemy to convert that mess of raw footage into a potion you can just drink down, adjust your eyes and see the **real** world!

Listen to your Hotseat creator lay it all out for you, what you’ll presented to you in your hot seat curriculum! and be sure to sign in to the vip interest list so you qualify for the bonuses!

After taking the time to ask around and really find out what you really want from the hot seat we found that a couple of requests kept coming up over and over again.

A popular request was an openers compilation. To have a stand alone openers compilation, I think lacks context, but students make the point that thats what they’re coming for! So, why not! I can do a hellava openers compilation…. with the flow on to just after the open to see what happens with the set. 

Then of course in all the feature videos there will be multiple openers every night. Its funny actually cos all my openers are the same. Something very basic I say to there girl, and then I wait for what she says, and I work with that.

But you know what! I might as be so bold as to tell you my best opener right now!

“Hi, hows your day going!” Pretty genius I know. There was Darwin, then Einstein, then Alex~.

Also the alternate, “Are you having a good day” served me well. 

The next request was for footage of us taking to the hottest girls. Tall, model, bitchy looking types. We’ll, we can certainly do that! They’re the prettiest and the most fun to talk to! You never know what an angry chick is going to say, its really like a little choose your own adventure book! 

So we’ve included that as well of course. As it turns out most really hot girls are a logistical dead end because they already have many many priorities in there life, or a boyfriend or a drug habit that prevents things from going smoothly, so lots of starting interactions with them that we can’t finish… me needing to leave the city, only to be pen-pal friends with the girl on facebook for all eternity!

Of course, you like to see the rejections! But we didn’t just call it rejections, we called it rejections and dealing with bitchy situations. 

Because, when you roll with the four times rule in your arsenal you're not about to take a rejection lying down… your going to engage, so this part is about taking rejection and turning them around, or at least suppressing fire - knowing how to stand up for yourself under social pressure without becoming aggressive or offensive. 

There are two rejections compilations, one day sunday, one day saturday, one for normal girls, and then one for Australian bitchy girls! Haha of which there are plenty. Its truly shocking how badly behaved these chicks are, you will see how I deal with it, and how you can deal with it in future endeavours as well.

Then, similar to the first hot seat are the feature videos. But this time, all bases are covered and they’re broken down into tiny details, so you can understand the big picture and trust how natural dynamics are going to work for you in your interactions.

These features are so fucking awesome, and literally take two weeks each to make and convert into a form you can watch, ingest, and take for yourself.

We’ll, I’m going to continue to put the finishes touches on all this!

See you tomorrow for when the Alex Hotseat 2 bonuses are revealed! 

Executive Coach, Hotseat Creator
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Alex your mustach is cool. But pleas trim your beard. 

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Alex Hot Seat Member | Junior Member

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Yeah Alex! Real Alex Dyanmics! 
Checked a few times today for this to come out ha. 
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Good god!! Alex has the most atrocious facial hair I have ever seen! What compelled him to let that abomination grow? SHAVE NOW!!! It looks like you had some glue on your face and someone slapped you with a handfull of pubes!! The whole video my RAS was focused on this and didn't even catch any of what he said!! I can't even call it a beard it needs another name, it's  a weiard!!  Alex please get your testosterone levels checked cause this is concerning cut down on the booze and do some squats or something please for the love of god.
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Benn Wrote:
Alex your mustach is cool. But pleas trim your beard. 


haha yep, soon soon.

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I rescheduled my holiday for this program!! Kinda hoping there will be some videos with chatting up pretty ladies in crowded open places with the burning hot sun on the background cause that would be the most common infieldsetting  where I´m going to try implementing your teachings in my game the first months after the pogram.
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Haha are you tryna be like Tony Stark with your fancy technology and scruffy beard?
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