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January 18th, 2019


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About Me: 
Im a 16 year old half greek half puerto rican. I love the RSD community because it has helped me improve all aspects of my life and the feeling of belonging to a community of same minded people helping each other to grow and raise each others state is amazing. I am really motivated to take action and share my experiences with the community so we can grow together.
Psychoanalysis, exercise, religions and sociology, chess, martial arts and weapons, fashion,creating social circles and connecting with people and helping others.
Favorite Music: 
Just rap and heavy metal
Favorite TV Shows: 
Game of Thrones Death Note
Favorite Movies: 
All Star Wars movies Lord of the Rings
Favorite Books: 
48 Laws of Power, 33 strategies of war, the 50th law, the laws of human nature, the Power of Now, 12 Rules for Life, How to Wind Friends and Influence People, the 4 Hour Workweek, the Prince

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