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About Me: 
Well pretty much I found the community when I was in High School 4 years ago and was a Chode A BIG CHODE!!!!
the first stuff that I learned was the Mistery Method, Ross Jeffries,David De Angelo, Style and basically everything I could down load from the internet, the old school game: routines, Negs, Openers, Time Constrains, DHV stuff and all that.
I used some of that stuff and worked in some degree, but I was still the SAME CHODE inside.
The same chode with some can material and some openers sarging any other weekend in the mall to see what I could actually do with what I knew. I was fearless I guess, but never actually took it too serious to the point to commit myself to get really SOLID Results, but something happened a year ago that changed everything.
I landed a GF using the game that I knew, everything seemed to worked out fine I had finally "fallen in love" (yea right) thats when the full chode that was hiding in me little by little started to come out again until finally I became her bitch, begging for some attention and some all the time, letting her step over me many times and just behaving like a little school girl with zero confidence.
Well long story short after a year she dumped me for somebody else and got heart broken (chode style) with the tears and all that shit.
But I new the Solution Already, but this time I committed myself to REALLY WORK on my Game and made a Goal to have a PORN SEX LIFE STYLE that only few people could dream about. To have sex with at least 100 HOT CHICKS thats my new GOAL.
I'm into fitness and Nutrition, Dancing, P90X (working out), meeting cool people all the time, Anthony Robbins, Personal Development, Jim Rhon, Sky Diving, Krav Maga, Financial Independence, Reading Personal Development Books, eating Burritos, Boongie Jump, Traveling, Learning new languages, Five Finger Death Punch, Heavy Metal, Playing Guitar, hiking, HOT Colombians Chicks And Clubs
Favorite Music: 
FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, Shadows fall, Sonata Artica, Metalica, System of a Down, Ozzie, Fucking Heavy Metal pretty much, Classical Music Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi and Spanish Music
Favorite TV Shows: 
Family Guy and the national Geographic Channel
Favorite Movies: 
A Beautiful Mind, Gladiator, Hot Tub time machine, Troy, the Fight Club, the Book of Elia, Training Day, the Pursuit of Happiness
Favorite Books: 
Think n Grow Rich, Think Big and Kick Ass, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success, Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins, Rich Dad Poor Dad

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