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This is the second field report that I write, so I would appreciate some Pointers, Experience and some Ideas for that matter.
Just one thing right off the bat, all the posting that I'll be doing I commited myself that was gonna come from REAL LIFE  EXPERIENCE, I got  tired of  MYSELF that for some time I was just writting stuff that came from my thinking and rationalizing BUT  NOT from REAL  LIFE  EXPERIENCE , I got FED  UP with the same BS.
SO this time is all about  "Hey look this is what I did, this is what happened, see if you could give me some pointers"
So No more talking and here the sets  I did last night n' crazy shit that happened in CLUBLAND.  (p.s I don't remember all of them)

SET. 1
I  got late to the club 12 pm just 2hrs left to do some extraction on a cute girl, First I needed to get in the WOO  State so I went right away to the dance floor and and started jumping, Dancing just to get started, but once there I spoted this HOT hispanic Chick pettry HOt (mini skirt and all that) she saw me and approached me I was cool then she started giving me all the goods so I acted on my instinct and  atter some hard core Kyno she left to the bathroom. I didn't get her number, I forgot

Set. 2
3 Chicks and 1 Chode.  I opened the whole group, high Five Every body and talked about stuff  I LIKE, the girls were totally unreactive, the Chode was like who the FuCK ARE YOU and I was like " I don't give a Fuck what anybody thinks of me, IM  THE  COOLEST  MOTHER  FUCKER here!!"   my tonality was not loud enough and the music was pretty loud. I ejected after some talking and hugging
Set. 3
3 Chicks and  I Chode by the bar, again I opened everybody I told them I was meeting people tonight and started talking to one of the girls, I vomited words basically, did some physical escalation but the chick said her BF was upstairs, she was TOTALLY  UNREACTIVE, I ejected after some time

Set 4
3 girs 2 guys and went pretty much like the first 2 Nothing solid

All Night was pretty much like that 2 sets, 3 sets, Girls, boyfriends chodes until the club closed
So my strategy was
1. Open with any shit I could think of including the " I thought you were cute I had to talk to you"
2. Vomit some Words but always making sure not going into interview mode JUST  PURE SELF-Expresion
3. Not Giving a fuck about what they thought of me n' being totally unreactive to bad reactions and behavior
4. Physical Excalation/ trying to pull them into the dance floor, Hugging, high Five
this time I couldn't  get any Solid Interaction, or make outs, numbers or anything else aside from  the first set and just one girl I  pulled to the dance floor. I would appreciate some point of views
I need some pointers on this:  What do you do when the music is really loud n' you can not get your tonaly across and they can not hear a word you say?
How do you handle a cock blocker when the girl is into you but there's a big dude trying to take her away from yuo and he is pushing you, without getting into a fight?
what do you do when there's 3 chicks and 1 or 2 ugly ass dudes next to them (sometimes already drunk)  that when you open the group, he or they  tell you To get the fuck away from  chicks 'cause they came with them and they don't want to talk to me, Do you run do you stay? I just don't want to start getting into fights 'cause that happened in high School and didn'd go well
 And One last thing after all this crazy akward crazy shit in CLUBLAND, just WATCH FAMILY  GUY is like smoking pot, you just forget all the shit that happened last night..................
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Well this is my first report here, but not the first time I go out and practice my game, so here is what happened and see if you could give me some pointers, for the people that had some TIME ACTUALLY going out and living the experience.
I pretty much don't give a fuck about what anybody thinks of me already (big time) I read The physical game by Ozzie and I put many of his Ideas into practice as well as Tim's . Thats basically my game a mix between Ozzie, Brad an Tim.
So tonight was NOT a successful night in terms of making out or taking a girl home, it was pretty much: Open Blown OUt, Open Blown Out, Open Blown out......................etc
But I practiced Being totally unreactive and basically Not walking way   "Burning All Interactions to the Ground" and I did pretty Good, but I have a question and it was that at the end of the night  when the club closed I was still trying to open some chicks and this guy is a little bit drunk  and started telling me to get the fuck away from this girl that I had talked to, but I didn't move, didn't blink, didn't react to him at all so he got pretty up set since he didn't intimidate me, well it got to the point where I thought I was gonna have to get into a fight but then the Bouncer saw us and I thought he was gonna brake up the situation, but he didn't he ended pushing me to the door (the ASSHOLE Style) later on I realized the guy I was arguing with was known promoter there.
Nothing else happened beyond that, But Do you think I should've acted different in that situation?
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