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a nice way of putting who I am... I am a hopeless romantic... I have had the notion that all girls are to be cherished and put on a pedestal. I thought the way to a girl's heart was buying them flowers and treating them out to nice dinners. and when a girl showed a slight interest in me, I always fucked it up by doing too much, kind of like that scene from swingers.

a PUA version of me... simply put... a CHODE... yes I admit

in other aspects of my life I am dedicated and successful. I am currently attending medical school and on my way of becoming a specialist in aesthetic medicine. I am good with people and accepted by my peers as a natural born leader. I have tons of friends all across the nation and very close ones back at home. I have loving parents and a caring sister who supports me in everything that I do.

I consider myself a leader among men.

my only down fall is women. especially beautiful women.

I have always thought that I was cursed, because I ditched first GF when I was in 6th grade. Our family decided to travel to another country during our summer break... but I never told her that I was leaving... or that I was gonna be coming back... I left without a trace... couple years later I found out that she turned into a total and I kind of took it upon myself that it was because of me that she turned out that way. ever since then, I have been pushing away every single girl that had interest in me, with my overly generous gestures.

I have no problem talking to people or even girls for that matter... my problem is that they all believe that I am their friend and nothing more. and after 28 years of this unsatisfying life style I have decided that I will change it for good.

I have decided to take the next 3 years of my life and dedicate it into learning about the social interactions that occur in meeting women and perfect them. I have promised my self that I will be at 90% success rate at any random place that I happen to be at... when ever and where ever...

on a side note, I would like to be good enough to a point that I could qualify as an instructor at RSD

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