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After listening to Tim, I have decided to write about why I want to be good with women.

My blueprint girl
   physical beauty is important, however, I would want the inside to be just as amazing as the outside.  I need her to be smart, someone that I could carry on a conversation with.  She is happy, understanding, witty, caring, adventurous, open-minded.  She practices yoga and keeps herself in great shape.  She has purpose and direction in life and knows what she wants.  She has great skin and long healthy hair.  She loves traveling and have a taste for good food.  She can cook like a chef and loves to share.  She has the most beautiful eyes that I could stare at for hours. 

one obvious reason is to get laid...   yes, I am gonna be honest, I have lots of love to give and I am going to give it to them.

but lets be serious, there are so much more to appreciate about life then getting laid.  What I really want is to improve my social skills and build inner confidence.  I want to incorporate what I learn here about women into my practice, since I am in healthcare business.
I want to stop being stuck at the friend zone.  I dont want more friends, I have enough friends already, I want them to get wet when they think about me.  I want them to see me as a sexual adventure and desire.
I want to be able to pick up girls on a dime.  I dont want to be thinking about, "oh...  if I go out tonight, would I get laid? or is this gonna be another waste of time?"
Lastly, I just want me to be ME, as far as I am concerned...   I am the coolest muthafuka on the planet!
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"oh... if I go out tonight, would I get laid? or is this gonna be another waste of time?"

It's never a waste of time.  It's a great way to use your time.  Each time you go out you learn to be more social.  Getting laid is just a side benefit. . . sort of.  
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