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...bad night...

I was a total chode...
-voice wasnt high enough
-did not approach much
-got blown out multiple times
-not able to pull attention
-did not reach 'state'
-had to buy a girl a drink, because I knocked it out of her hand while dancing
-have a huge bruise

I guess we cant have good nights all the time...   I thought the night was gonna be awesome...   I actually really dressed up to go out...   

what would you do...
you just got to the club.  its only 11, you just got your first drink, and not even half way done.  a cutie (totally drunk) walks over to you, and confuses you for someone else...  and gives you a hug and realizes that she doesnt know you...  but she asks..."I m lost! and I need to find my ride home"   but at the same time she gives you IOI...   what do you do???

what I did... 
I told her, lets go find them!  give her my arm to hold on to.  we went about 10 feet...  and she found her friend... and it happened to be a guy, so I didnt want to linger.... so I just walked off...   did not know that was gonna be the closest thing to getting laid last night.

going back home next week...   tune in for next week when the game continues at Scottsdale, AZ!
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 First, don't be so had on yourself. 

You went out - check. 
You approached - check. 
Now things to work on? 

Practice your voice, scream, sing, do weird voice exercises until you can control how loud your voice actually becomes. 

It seems that you were searching for state. You will never reach said state if you try finding it. 

Keep going mate! 
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Thanks for the support!
I am looking forward to using few things that I have learned in past few weeks

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