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What a crazy night!  

   I was bit nervous at first, but that feeling dissipated quickly with a LOUD, "WHOOO!"  I was ready!  The goal for the night was to talk to atleast 10 girls.  I had on my favorite shirt that says, "I love it when you talk dirty... politics" and my ripped up jeans.  I had one of my friends with me as wing.

   As we were walking down the bar district of the city, I found our first destination.  Through the window I could see whole bunch of ladies looking fine.  I point over to the girls, looked at my friend and smiled.  We gave our ID to the bouncer and walked to the door. (I should have talk to the bouncer for a sec)  As I was crossing the entry way, I took a deep breathe to control my heart beat and slowly proceeded.  The place was filled with girls, but I only saw handful of guys.  Later we found out that it was a bachelorette party.  We walked over to the corner of the bar next to a group of girls.  I leaned on the bar and looked over my shoulder and asked group for a drink recommendation.  I had opened my first set of 6 girls.  They responded really well, giving me whole bunch of recommendation.  I smiled and introduced myself and met everyone in the group.  They told me that they were from out of town for a wedding.  I proceed to talk to one particular cutie from the group, while my friend was entertaining the rest of the group.  I tried the NY/LA hand shake and the finger length test.  They both worked really well.  I could definately tell she was into me.  I wanted to escalate the situation so I grabbed her hand and pulled her outside to the patio.  Unfortunately, some of her friends were outside as well so isolation did not work well.  We ended up sitting down and talking to the group.  The conversation was getting bit boring to me, so my friend and I said our goodbyes and left for another bar.  

   I was very happy about my performance and I was ready to open up more sets.  It was barely 10pm and my night was just about to get more crazy.  Second part of our adventure landed us at a CoyoteUgly type of bar, where girls were dancing on top the bar.  As soon as I walked in, I saw a blonde hottie collecting the entrance fee.  I smiled, introduced myself and got her name and told her I will be back.  My friend and I proceeded to the bar and downed a shot of tequila and scanned the bar.  This bar was more evenly balanced.  And there she was, as TIm would put it, "Supa Hottie! with blonde hair and tiny skirt."  She was dancing in a circle with bunch of girls.  I casually walked over and started dancing around the area and squeezed my self into the group.  Since I used to be a raver in college, I got in the middle of the circle and tried on couple of glow stick moves.  I got good responses from the crowd.  As I was walking out from the middle of the circle, I found myself next to the supa hottie.  I gave her couple of taps with my hips and she playfully replied back.  I introduced myself and got her name and kept on dancing for a bit.  She asked me where I was from and I told her that I was from here. (probably should have used this to my adventage, but I didnt, hindsight is 20/20)  She told me that she was from Hawaii and kissed me on both of my cheeks.  (now I think about it... I should have either pointed at my lips and ask for another....  or just ask her "do you wanna kiss me" DAMN IT)  And she proceeded to pin me with a button from the bacherolette party (yeah... another bacherolette party) and just left with her friends to the VIP area.  My blood was pumping and I felt like a total pimp, because I just got kissed my the hottest girl in the club.
  I needed to cool off, so went over to the bar and ordered a drink.  The bartender was looking kinda cute, so I asked her for her name.  She said her name was "Elizabeth"...   I knew I had to show dominance, so I told her that I will be calling her Liz, just Liz.   She replied by saying, she is Elizabeth and that she wont respond to Liz.  I just smiled, waited couple seconds and yelled "LIZ!"   She turned around, looked at me and smiled. 
   The Supa hottie was no where to be seen, even thoe I wanted to search for her, but I had a goal to complete.  We stayed bit longer and moved on to a new venue.  The next club was just way to packed...   we were all just shoulder to shoulder.  and the music was way too loud to make any type of conversation.  We stayed here for about 20 minutes and had to change the venue.  
  At this point, it was about 1 am and I was very happy about how the night went.  Even thoe I didnt get any numbers or make outs.  I did get to try few techniques and got a kiss from a hottie.  We stopped at one more bar, where my friend's favorite band was playing.  I have already reached my goal and I just wanted to have some fun.  So, I just danced my ass off and went home smiling.  all and all the night was success.


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