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About Me: 
Well, I'm Phil from Russia. That's it.
I like sport. I swim for a long distance 3 times at week or more often if I can. Also I like snowboarding. In the past I was training in the judo, skateboarding, skiing, a bit of BMX riding. Playing guitar. So, that's the most.
Studying for the master degree in biomedical engineering and specialist degree in radio electronic systems and complexes. I play on a guitar in a band and I gonna start my new musical project soon. It will be a bomb!
Favorite Music: 
Well, I like a lot of stuff. The most is rock 'n roll and hard rock and and and.. I also like electronic music (Kraftwerk, Moby, The Chemical Brothers and so and so on..).
Favorite TV Shows: 
I don't really watch a TV. But Ok, let's say that it is a Top gear.

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