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Okay, heres the "sit" i met this girl at the bar/club last weekend. It seemed on, i had her smiling and there was some early kino. i kept going up and talking getting some laughter and than would leave. i did this about three times. however, on the last as i was talking to her friends, she turned her back to me, almost as though she was telling me "your not paying attention to me" and i looked at her, than back to the friend, the friend gave me a weird look, same one on my face. I know this was a shit test of sorts. so i poked her side and said something like "hey whats up" got some more converstion, than split immediately. im not sure how i should have handled this test, i know i could have done a better job. anyways. as my buzz was wearing off, and my money was depleted, i started to lose state rapidly, than i decided to bail. however, as i was in my car, i kept hearing ozzie in my head saying "close" so i went back in the club, with this determination on my face, walked up to the girl and got her number. i wasnt going to lose this one. so i know its not a full on makeout, but its still something.

any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.
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hey guys, this isnt my first time out sargin, but defintely my first time writing about it. anyways, im 26 and new to pick up. i approached at least 4 different peoples/groups tonight. half of which i knew. i had to get drunk before i could approach them. i know i shouldnt get get drunk to approach these groups, but im really insecure. anyways, i did alright tonight, my goal was to get into state but i only did for about 30 mintues.  anybody got any suggestions for a newbie who has to get his shit together without depending on alcohol?

p.s. ive already listened to flawless, transformation, foundation, blueprint, jeffy, etc
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