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may 9th, 2010

status - virgin

last night was a bust, but i learned many things about myself.
1. i am a really fun drunk, some people say they forget everything when they drink but i seem to remember things better; when i field test things they come out better drunk. i should brake this habit, i will need to drink to talk to girls if i continue.
2. i try to hard to succeed, or atleast i let my try hard show. i should learn to do things naturally
3. i figure i am at the stage in my journey where i can talk to girls fine, they will be interested in talking and touching etc but i will never get any results. (make outs, etc)
4. i got some new numbers in my phone and i dont no what to do with them.
5. im moving up my social circle :)
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Yesterday i went out with my buddies to the club for the first time.

to start off, I'm going to put it out there and say that I'm one of those guys who reads shit, and applies it with life over girls. yesterday i didn't really use anything which was ironic after all the material i thought i needed....
on top of that I'm still a virgin and i haven't made out with any girls longer than 10 seconds.

i spent the whole night on the dance floor; with the occasional break to wipe the sweat off my face or get a drink. i tried to caveman shit the whole night. no talking just grab pull dance and go from there. it was kind of weird though, because i figured out my new sticking point... i cant grind to save my life. I actually had 3 girls walk away after about a minute because of my grinding skills. that didn't really matter though and i plowed through anyways. Eventually i got a bit better and figured out how to change up the motions and lead better. (if anybody has tips on how to be amazing at this lmk ). after dancing for awhile and getting pretty hot and steamy with some girls, and finding that old hottie from high school i figured out my next sticking point... i cant get to a make out spontaneously. in all situations when it would get pretty hot, i would spin them around and become nose to nose while grinding. I always new they were really pumped up emotionally and when i kissed them it was always like a sloppy falling into somebodies lips. I'd be like fockkk this isn't hot at all, back out full 100% and just start dancing again. ooh and i didn't even kiss the girl from high school we just danced nose to nose thinking this is the scariest inch of space i have ever felt.

In conclusion, if you guys have any tips to amp of the spontaneity of that first few second kissing, or just tips of kissing in general post em up. i got another event coming up tonight and having new found information would be great by then .
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