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About Me: 
Computer geek bored with computers. Took me a while to figure out that humans are fun too!
Had two almost consecutive LTRs in last 5 years, now free, happy and enjoying peacefulness and celibacy.
My NLP trainer told me that whatever I get I try to implement and test. Which is true in most cases. In some I still got some anxiety to overcome. Constantly reprogramming myself to get to the core.
Self-development in broad spectrum i.e. getting fun from the road to enlightenment by: salsa, painting/drawing (tablet, watercolours, oils), drumming (djembe), fitness, some spiritual new age shit ;), relating with women!
drumming, weights, running, club monkey dancing, salsa, reading, meditation, food, sex, programming
Favorite Music: 
Goa Trance FTW! I still listen to good stuff from world music through blues, to black metal.
Favorite TV Shows: 
No TV here, sorry!
Favorite Movies: 
Pulp Fiction, Magnolia, Fight Club, Natural Born Killers, Wolf
Favorite Books: 
Dune, Bible (2000+ years and still it rocks!)

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