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Last night was like on a shooting range. Meet up with colleagues, started to chat with an East European girl, friend of one of the colleagues. Bang! Middle of my sentence she talks to somebody else. We're getting to club early. People are slowly filling the place. English girl dancing beside me, I turn her around, say hello. Too strong. Bang. Done. Cute girl, seems to be Polish (like half of the club, ask her where she's from. Got answer "from England" (but in Polish), don't know what to say and her friend says something I don't understand. Ask her to repeat. Still no clue, not even what language was that! Lost them. Other cutie. I move forward to her. Bang, boyfriend. Great.
Was fun though. I had to push myself to actually approach. So, got my comfort zone a bit more spacious now ;)
I find it hard to get what people are saying when I talk with them in the club. It's too loud and I can't focus on words and lose them. Dunno why.
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