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London workshop rocked! Papa said some really inspiring stuff! Good fun on Leicester Sq opening random sets. Hugging girls and stuff. Didn't know how to escalate though. Word of advice from Ozzie - briefly: be physical from the very first seconds of interaction. And I was using the CLAW OF DESTINY later in the club. Great field experience with the crew from Brighton. Kudos guys! Still got to learn lots lots lots. But hey I am just starting :) Things to work on: approach more, CLAW more, cut the logical shit and work on girls emotions - that really sucked yesterday I ran out of stuff to say and chicks were losing interest.
Observations: some hotties from Finland, Austria and Sweden, are ...well... smokin hotties! :)

EDIT: And haha I opened a first family set ever! Cute spanish chick with her parents. Her dad wasn't terribly happy. LOL
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