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That Thursday workshop changed things. like really changed. thanks go to guys I've been with - opening all those chicks throughout the whole evening whils having you as wingmen skewed my attitude big time. kudos! I am more playful, laid back. Cool.
Tonight was really weird. I took a girl I know, her boyfriend and one other dude to a salsa place tonight. Her boyfriend didn't want to dance, so naturally I took care of the lass ;) Awesome sexy dancing. Gods, I had to remind myself that I can't escalate this because of that dude. Great fun, pure physical dancing, I loved it. DHVing on these two other guys, couldn't help it: dance or GTFO. just couldn't make it more sexual, it just wouldn't be right. could though easily happen. awesome. could have hit on other girls in this place, but it's more about enioyment of being present and its worth rather than whole pick-up shit.

Salsa, bachata, merengue. Learn it guys. Even if you don't use it, it would give you completely different perspective on the dancefloor, on how you move, on your body's capabilities. That's pure gold.
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