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I landed after corporate party in a club with bunch of colleagues. Only one girl among us, welcome to IT corp ;) She's chatting with one dude. I tell her: sko dancing. She argues. No sko dancing. She argues more. I tell her: your weird. what's wrong with you. She says some bs. No sko dancing, grabbed her by hand lifted from the couch.
Rest of group chodes with their drinks. No. I can't let this happen. Sko dancing guys. No we don't want to. No? Grab first guy by his arm, lifted up, tossed him on the dancefloor. Four left. His friend. Three left. My buddy. Two left. Guys, can I politely ask you to join us? Some bs. I don't listen. Lift, toss. Done. Whole crew dancing. My state is massive, 4 glasses of wine, two shots of rum, red bull. Forcefully leading people to where I want them to be. Love it. One guy quietly goes back to the couch. No no no. I grab him. He tries to resist. My buddy grabs him. Tap tap on my shoulder. Bouncer: WTF? I tell him 'it's okay' I am smiling. He backs off. Cool. I bump into one chick, she looks stoned/very drunk. Pretty empty look in her eyes. One Indian dude dances with her. Like with a proper frame. I split their hands. Grab her right hand. Spin her around. Dude doesn't know what's up. Backs of. I spin her, I dance around her. She follows me everywhere. I don't say anything. I leave the girl. Come back to my people. Come back to the girl. She's in between that Indian guy and his buddy, they've their arms over her shoulders, I come from the back, lift their arms. Grab her shoulders turn her around. Grab her hand. Spin around. Here we go again. Buddy of the Indian guy gives me thumbs up. They back off. I don't give a damn about the chick, just amusing myself. Glorious. Chick has confusion on her face, empty eyes. I am getting bored. I look for the Indian guy. He jumps around on my left. I grab his hand. Her hand. I join their hands.  They're sooo confused. I am leaving to my people.


I can have in-the-moment self-amusing fun and not care what people say. That's a bit alcohol driven. But I was still below the threshold after which I can't coordinate my movements.

I can lift 80kg man with one hand and throw him somewhere. Results of hitting gym regularly. Maybe I should moonlight there as a bouncer. Hehe.
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