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Today is Wednesday 15th of June. Unfortunately I won't be able to go out until Friday night to put into action my game plan. Tomorrow Thursday and Friday I have to arrive to work early because I have full day of experiments. Does this sound as an excuse? At this moment I have not considered the possibility of trying day game and approaching women at the train station, at the bus to work, at the restaurant of the institute I work. However, if I am to become a PUA, a Pick Up Artist, a Casanova of the XXI century, I should be able to initiate an interaction with women at any time.

Some people say that "day game" is a lot easier than nightclubs. I totally disagree; nightclubs are my second home, I feel completely at easy in the discotheque. So that is why for the moment I will focus on "night game". Nevertheless, I shall make a game plan that I can use in everyday situations, so that if I see a girl that I like, say in the suburban train (known as RER in the Paris region); I know what to do. In any case, I feel that I'm a hundred times more likely to approach at a nightclub than with the sun shining on my face. I acknowledge that this is just a stupid, unreasonable, and unjustified statement, a limiting belief.

If you have read from my first post, you should know that I spent five years in Sweden doing a PhD. I'm actually a scientist... during the day I go to a laboratory, I do experiments (that hopefully will change the destiny of human kind for the better), I read, write, and discuss scientific topics, I am surrounded by nerds with no ambition, no hot girls, not even cute girls...

In any case, for the moment I'll be preparing and studying my game plan for Friday and Saturday night, and by Monday 20th I should be posting the results of my sarge. I will also keep in mind to try some approaches during the day, but I still have some issues with it... like Mystery said, the nightclub is my dojo.

Last Thursday night I was out with a male friend. He invited me to some sort of concert at an art gallery, completely free, the show and the booze: many opportunities to approach, but I did not. However after the concert we went to a crappy bar called "The Hiddout", the one at Boulevard des Lombards; mostly frequented by students. There I did approach two sets directly, one indirectly... but I was already too drunk and stupid:

The first set, two young French girls (20 +/- 2 years) standing at the bar.

Me: Hey guys, real quick, can I get your opinion on something?
Girl: NO!!

Alright, so that didn't go pretty well.

Second set, also two young French girls about the same age; I don't remember exactly how I opened. I talked to one of them only, the other one got entertained with some random French dude. We had a nice friendly conversation, but she was more into the bartender, it seemed like they knew each other. In any case, I didn't have a game plan at all. LAME.

Third set, I asked my friend: "can you talk to this chick, ask her where is she from, and then introduce her to me?". He did so and the set opened, she happened to have a friend from Colombia; a pretty cool girl. We ended up having an interesting conversation for quite some time, where she did most of the talk. I feel that I could have number-closed, but I didn't. I was too drunk... ended up buying a round of beers for her group of friends for no reason; stupid me, the effects of drunkenness.

At this time I was quite wasted, I came back home around 6.00 am of Friday. I couldn't go to work, of course. I will not drink so much anymore if I'm sarging: that is a commitment.

Conclusion of the night
I have realized that I am way too miscalibrated, but it won't be like that for too long.
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