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Last time I posted I mentioned that I was going to the French Riviera for some holidays and that I considered it a big challenge, since there is an incredible high concentration of hot and wealthy women going there to party. It was my intention to party and game with all of my power but at the end things turned out quite relaxed and slow. However there were two remarkable happenings that I will narrate below.

I arrived there on Thursday evening and returned back to Paris on Monday.

The very evening of Thursday my wing, CA, and I were sitting down at a café, there was a DJ playing awesome music. We were drinking and talking bullshit... the day had passed with only one approach on the train to the South. All of a sudden two beautiful brunettes arrived to the café. They were petite, all dressed up, enormous boobs.

We saw them, they saw us. I felt immediate connection with one of them. She was checking me out from the distance and mirroring me; so that if I danced there on the chair a bit (the music was great), so did she at the same time. It was about 1.00 am, we were tired after the long trip, and the café was closing. We decided to go back to the hotel and on the way out, CA approached the set... I had already passed by and I was not going to approach. The two girls opened, they were very friendly, two rich sisters from Moscow. The one for me was the older sister, probably a bit older than me. We talked about 5 minutes, nothing particularly exciting; exchange of nationalities and a bit of what we were planning to do during the next days, then we left.

Next day in the evening (Friday), CA and I were walking down the street of St. Tropez... when two girls grabbed us from our arms: "hey guys! Do you remember us, from yesterday at the bar!" The two Russian girls, we said we were looking for a restaurant to eat some mussels; coincidentally they had the same plan. So we decided to go together.

There was a clear connection between the older sister and I. We had fun talking and vibing a bit. She was wealthy, divorced, owned a chain of restaurants around the world... after dinner we went to a bar close-by, we drank a bottle of wine. Things were escalating... music was loud, we came closer, she was talking to my ear, our faces were one inch a part. The eye contact was strong... beautiful. But then we had to leave the bar to catch the last boat to the place we were staying.

Back in town, we went to another bar and shared another bottle of wine, talked so more, but the environment was not propitious for me to escalate. We were the four of us on a table, so it was a group interaction. We exchanged contact info... never saw them again. She was back to Moscow on Sunday.

I should have manipulated the situation so that we missed the last boat, so the only option was to stay in St. Tropez partying all night long... if we had stayed in that bar 30 minutes more before taking the boat, I think I could have gone for the make out. After that who knows what things could have happened. The funny thing is that it was me who said: "OK guys, if we want to take the last boat we should leave right now!"

On Saturday we went to a nightclub in the town we were staying. It was the only nightclub in this little city. There were about 75% guys and 25% girls. And all the guys were hungry... the hunt was intense.

BANG! I see the hottest girl in the club, let's call her HB10. Blond, tight leather (or whatever material that was, black and shiny) pants, blue eyes, short hair to the neck... gorgeous lips. I noticed that she seemed to be alone in the club, hopping from one place to another, to the bar, outside to the beach, back inside, sat down, chode approached, left to toilet, bar, inside, toilet and so on and on.

At the same time there were two extremely beautiful blondes, one looking like Helen of Troy in the movie; curly blonde. The other one a really tall hottie (taller than me). I noticed that the taller one had a brand of jeans that I have only seen in Sweden, so I assumed that she was Swedish.

CA and I were talking; I wasn’t daring to approach, totally in my head. CA was saying that he saw no girl that he felt like approaching. I want HB10, it was driving me crazy, I was feeling the fury in my heart building up. But I was unable to approach.

At the beach bar there were a couple of French girls I approached and got blown out. I said to CA, let's just go to the middle of the crowd and get close to these chicks, let's totally ignore them. We were talking really loud, giving our backs to the chicks, when suddenly one of them was already rubbing her back against me... I butt-bumped her but didn't look to see her reaction, just kept talking. A French dude came up to us for whatever reason, he didn't speak English, he just said: "Drink! Drink!" I blasted him away with my vocal projection. The fury was was growing even stronger, I wasn’t yet approaching and it was making me mad. We went to the dance floor... I was dancing with Colombian power when all of a sudden Helen and the Tall Hottie showed up in the dance floor. They are dancing right next to CA and me. I said to him let's ignore them completely, and so we did. Across the dance floor, through Helen and Tall Hottie I saw HB10, sitting in a sofa, alone, sipping a drink. I didn't approach, damnit!

A chode approached HB10 in the sofa, but she blew him out. He was sitting awkwardly at her side not muttering a word. She went outside.

In the dance floor, wherever CA and I moved, the Scandinavian couple followed us really close. I didn't approach.

We went outside, and I saw HB10 at the beach bar. She was leaning against a wall, behind one of these tall bar tables. She was talking with a 5-set, one girl and four dudes.

Finally I approached. See the image below, that’s how the set was arranged... I opened the entire group, got nationalities, found out that the entire 5-set was French, only the girl and one dude spoke fluent English. I talked to all of them... while CA was talking with the dude that spoke good English. The HB10 was Russian, also from Moscow.

Then I started focusing on the HB10. I was talking to her with the table in the middle of the two. Then the 5-set, backed up and I had the chance to talk to the Russian. Things were going good at the beginning... I should have repositioned myself but instead I stayed at the other side of the table. Things then started to turn awkward for some reason I don't understand. HB10 grabs the French girl and brings her in, then the dudes moved in into the interaction too. I had to start talking to the entire group again, the conversation with HB10 got broken... and at the end I ejected.

It was tough dealing with the entire group. The chance opened for me when they moved away, I should have gotten closer to her and quickly isolate her. After all, the French set was not really HB10's friend.

I turned around when leaving the set and lo and behold, right in front of me, Helen and Tall Hottie. I went right to them... I opened by speaking in Swedish but they weren't Swedish, they were Danish. In any case, a conversation started, chodes were bombarding, CA is helping me out... I talked to Tall Hottie and CA talked to Helen. But Helen is not really interested, she's looking for somebody and she keeps looking away. She left the group a few times and came back a few times too. The conversation with the Tall Hottie was going well, she's smart, beautiful and elegant. Both of them were a little drunk. I'm quite alright, though I had been drinking too.

Suddenly some random dude showed up, and he kissed Tall Hottie on one of her tits. Her jaw dropped, she was paralyzed and didn't know what to do. I took her hand and with it slapped the guy on his face (not too hard, more like symbolically than an actual hit). He's with some friends and they are all drunk and laughing stupidly. I'm fed up and I'm leaving that chaos, the Tall Hottie followed CA and me, and we restarted the conversation somewhere else, she seemed now even more interested. The conversation was great... I sensed that she wanted to exchange info when I said that we were going home (it was 4.30 in the morning and there was no prospect of sex that night). I just said it's not necessary since probably we're not gonna see each other again.

I should have pushed the interaction with the Russian girls and the Danish girls harder. I should have found ways to isolate and escalate, but I just stayed in conversational mode. Where is my resolve in that kind of situations? I must also break that wall, moved towards the goal. Nonetheless, approaching the 5-set + HB10 was really instructive. Dealing with the social dynamics of the club was intense, especially because it seemed that many of the people in the nightclub already knew each other, since it was the only club in town, besides it was also a really young crowd (18-20 on average). I regret not doing more approaches and not trying harder during the entire trip... the temperature was really high, it was the beach, we were getting really relaxed and slow. We entered some kind of holiday laziness lethargy.

In any case, I came back relaxed and recharged. I'll be posting whatever happens over the week/weekend. This Saturday there'll be a repetition of the boat party sailing the Seine from last time... I'll probably go again and do my best! The goal: get laid, one-night stand.
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