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Just one week passed since my first pull. Saturday I was able to seduce my first French girl (I came to France a year and a half ago), pull #2 since I started posting on RSD. She was 34 (6 years older than me), brunette, blue eyes, about my height 5'6", a little shy...

I met with a friend to visit a nightclub called 1979: it was supposed to be a soul music night, but it ended up being more like R&B. At the beginning of the night, about midnight, I was with some approach anxiety. It took maybe an hour before I decided to do my first approach... not before I had a couple of tequila shots. That's pretty bad.

I opened the set by asking where they were from. I remember telling her at some moment while we were dancing: "I'm trying really hard not to kiss you". She was like: "Not here, my friends will see us". I took her from the hand to another part of the nightclub and kissed her there.

I live really far away from the city, out in the suburbs, and it's kind of complicated to get there so we had to go to her place. It's a big logistic problem that I must solve. We took a cab to her place, she made some tea, we made out some more, clothes off... for some reason my dick wasn't as hard as it can be... so putting in the condom was complicated. So it all ended in me performing cunnilingus until she came. That was in the sofa of her apartment... we moved to her bed, slept for a while and about 10.00 am I'm hard like a rock. She was pretty horny too, we did it without condom (shit!!)... and I came outside her after about 3 minutes of thrusting. So lame, but whatever... it's been so long that I've had sex on a regular basis that I'm not surprise this kind of shit happened.

The day before, Friday night... two male friends and I went to a big Irish Pub in Montmartre, it's mostly full of tourists and foreigners. The place gets crazier as the night goes on. It has a dance floor and a lot of young girls. I opened a 3-set, two girls and one guy from the Netherlands visiting France for a few days... at some moment, I asked one of the girls to come with me to the bar, I said that we should have a tequila shot. She agreed and came with me, her friends didn't mind at all. We had the tequila shot and we started making out. I stayed with her the rest of the night and found out later that she was just 18 years old (10 years younger). She had massive boobs, shorter than me but she was on high heels so that made her just about my height. Sweet little girl... about 4.00 am we reunited with her friends, my buddies are long gone. We went for pizza, but the pull was impossible; since they were having a tour to some other region in France at 8.00 am. A pity!

This was a very long weekend, Friday and Saturday night. I slept very little, drank a lot, plus the sexual interactions... on Sunday when I came home about noon, I was obliterated. I slept 12 uninterrupted hours, woke up, drank some water, and I slept 2 more hours. And I'm still feeling tired... I'm glad I'm on holidays.

I didn't imagine that just one week after my first pull I would have the second. I was a little afraid that perhaps the first time it was not because of my improved social skills but just a fluke of the night. The fact that this weekend went so well, leads me to feel a bit more confident that my training has paid off.

Next Wednesday I go back home to Colombia, I'll be there about 20 days... I'm going to be with my family most of the time so probably there won't be much chance to pick up. It's been three and a half years since I saw my dad and almost 2 years since I saw my mom for the last time. I'll update the blog once I'm back and I resume my training in the social skills of pick up.
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