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Saturday the 25th.

I woke up in a great mood. I had redeemed myself after the last weekend failure and that night there was one of these parties for expats.

The venue is a boat made nightclub that sails across the Seine. There's an awesome view of the Eiffel tower. I'm feeling so good, like I am the King of Babylon. The weather is nice; there are a lot of people, target rich.

I have understood now that in order to have a really good night, I must open from the very moment I arrive to the place, even in the line if there's one. Also, I must keep approaching, and approaching, from set to set. I seldom have done that before, I can remember a couple of times. There is certainly a rhythm about it... perhaps the rhythm that Tim talked about in the Flawless Natural seminar.

The good thing about the expat parties is that, implicitly, is OK to approach and get to know new people. So approaching is actually a piece of cake. I'm on fire again, so excited, talking to a lot of people and having a blast.

I'm having good conversations, but I'm not stepping up the interaction, I'm not leading towards the goal.

I talked to a lot of people. The most successful interaction was like this:

I came to the bar to buy a beer and there was a cute tall brunette on my side. I opened; she was Polish but had a strong English accent. She was quite friendly and smart. We talked for quite some time, she was interested in Colombia and traveling around South America, and was telling me about two blogs of Polish girls that had gone to Colombia and loved it. She said that she loves reading blogs, I said she should read my blog (not this one, another one I have). She was enthusiastic and asked me for the address. She gave me her iphone to input the info and said:

"Please, write the blog address and also your phone number". [I was surprised she asked for my number of her own accord]. I thought, "are you actually planning to call me? For what I know about women, I doubt it." In any case, I did so, completely unreactive. I did not ask for her number, I did not even showed any interest of keeping contact. I wonder if she'll initiate contact herself.

The event started at 19.30, there was a ride across the Seine and after that, the boat would return to the dock and the party would continue until 5.00. By midnight, after about five hours, I was worn out of talking and being standing, and I was not seeing much promise of nightly sexual adventures. An hour later, my wing CA left, one hour later, the remaining people I know is gone. I was tired, most of the expats that were there from the beginning were gone too. It was a fresh crowd and me, trying not to give up just yet... It was 3.30 in the morning and I had been in that damn boat for eight hours. My energy is depleted and finally I decided to go home.

Obviously, just approaching and having an interesting fun conversation is not enough. If my aim is to extract a girl for some nightly sexual adventures, I must lead the interaction there. I have to push through the comfort of a nice conversation and make things sexual. I must eventually isolate the girl from her group. All the pieces must come together: opening, attraction, connection and kino, isolation, extraction, arousal, sex. It seems daunting when approaching it's still kind of intimidating, yet I have done this before, I've been to a bar or nightclub and made it happen, the nightly sexual adventure, not many times but I have done it. So I do have what it takes, I must do it, I must do it. It has to happen.

Next Thursday the 30th I'm going with my friend CA down south to St. Tropez, the French Riviera, famous for attracting the wealthiest and the celebrities of the world. A HOT nightlife inundated with hot rich women that just want to have fun. I see it as THE challenge, there’s the inconvenience of getting into clubs and chic places since here in France they are always very selective letting people in, you always have to have girls with you… and I have no VIP status anywhere yet. So it is imperative that we run some good interactions whenever we get the chance, otherwise we will just be two lonely chodes strolling in the beach: that'd be sad.

What's going to happen? My level is not that good that I could pick up—with absolute certainty—some hot chicks and have an amazing romantic erotic holiday. Making new friendships seems probable... but guess what, I don't want just new friendships, I want an amazing romantic erotic holiday. Will I made it? Will I? I must believe I can, I must be certain that I can.
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