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Friday, 17 of June.

It was Friday, it was time to game. I've been ready in my mind, I've been waiting for the day that I can finally go out after a hard week of work. I had planned with my friend to do some real sarging on Saturday, so on Friday we were not really counting on purposefully trying some approaches. It is stupid because a real Pick Up Artist, a real Casanova, has no especial time for pick up; when SHE shows up, that's the right time.

In any case, my friend was meeting a married couple for beers. So, it is the married couple, American girl and French boy, random guy from Italy, my Friend from Canada, and I; sitting on a bar, talking bullshit. Around 23.30 we moved to a different bar in the Latin Quarter of Paris, a place called the Long Hop, an American bar frequented by many international people. At this time the Italian guy is gone... we're at the dance floor and the married couple is encouraging my friend and I to approach, let's call my friend CA (he's from Canada).

CA: Do you see anything you like?
Me: Yeah, that cute girl over there, the shortest in the group with curly hair. [She's in a set with 2 more girls and 1 boy.]
CA: Alright let's approach! [My friend goes to the set, I follow him with a lot of hesitation in my heart, he gets there but hesitates and says nothing, so I intervene.]
Me: Hey guys, where are you from...
Set: From France... blah blah [Showing no interest.]

Set is blown, no way of rescuing it. Second:

Two girls from the Netherlands dancing on their own, I talked my friend into approaching and he opens the set by talking to one of the girls. I immediately talk to the other girl... "hey, where are you from?" My standard opener when I don't come up with anything better to say. She was very receptive, we danced, talked a little, asked for my name, I said: "I'm sure you're not gonna remember." She's cool with that, we danced some more... my friend's conversation with the other Dutch girl was losing power; I talked to her, get her vibing and laughing again and my friend restarts conversation once more with a better energy. I taught the girl I'm with some funny dance move... then I asked her name, she gave it, I told her my name, and I made sure she remembered it... all in a playful way: but it was no good, maybe I miscalibrated it a bit, she lost interest! Then our conversation stopped, she asked her friend to go to the toilet... we didn't see them again.

Set three, (apparently) two French girls having a conversation... one Blonde, one Asian looking. My friend opened but he lacked energy, I tried to intervene but it was no good. Burnt!

Set fourth, 5-set, two cute girls are dancing with a tiny boy from India, another girl dances with a dude. This tiny boy was doing his thing, but the girls were looking a little uncomfortable. Even though they were friends, this guy was to grabby, touching too much beyond their comfort level... the girls were feeling kind of embarrassed. I approached. I was getting strong eye contact from one girl (let's call her F1), but the Indian guy was jealous and very protective so he kind of tried to get in the way; but he couldn't dance with both of the girls at the same time. He decided to focus on the other girl (F2), so it gave me the chance to talk to F1. She was responsive, everything was perfect... but the Indian guy was getting impatient and tried to AMOG me; I'm undeterred, smiling, confident. The Indian guy decided then to go to the toilet; I gamed the two girls and befriended them... I ended up talking to F2 (she's a little horny, she's wearing a tiny dress and probably she's feeling very hot). When the Indian guy came back he started dancing with F1... F2 told me that the third girl was having her birthday and asked me to sing her a happy birthday song. There was a lot of shuffling going on there, mostly because of the impatience of the little Indian dude... CA popped up a couple of times, I introduced him to the group but he was losing state and his energy was low so he decided to stay away and wait for me. I said to F2 that I must meet my friend but that I'll meet her again later: I left the set.

Around 1.40, lights were on, the party was coming to an end. I was talking to my friend... I left to pee and promised to come back. On my way back I made a little detour to meet F2, I said something random to restart conversation, then:

Me: Let me take you out for dinner sometime. [I've been thinking to use that line for quite some time, aiming at being more direct, giving more direct statements of intent.]
F2: Blah, blah... [She didn't really get what I said.]
Me: Is it OK if I take you for dinner some time? [Louder] I had a great time talking to you [or some variation of that.]
F2: Yeah, that'd be great! [She seems enthusiastic.]
Me: I need a way to contact you, what's your number.

I get her number while the little Indian dude dances with F1.

Me: I gotta meet my friend, he's over there, but it was really nice meeting you. [Kissed her sweaty cheeks the French way.]
F2: blah, blah blah [made some remarks about F1 laughter...]
Me: [followed up conversation on F1 laughter.] Alright, see you later. [Sweaty hugs and kisses.]

I met my friend and we leave. None of the girls in all the sets we approached were really attractive, 7s at most.

I'll try to contact F2 and plan a day-2. I hope she doesn't flake. (She did, possibly fake number... texted, no answer)

Saturday is the planned day. I'm meeting my friend from Canada early to make some game plan. There will be no excuses. It's gonna be true game, true party!
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