Went out with my buddy Parker to our local bar, McCloud's. It's a Country Karoke bar with the whole country scene of guys dressed up in cowboy get up and what not. I don't give a shit - it has karaoke, so I'm there.

It took a little bit of persuasion on my part to get Parker out with me - I mean, he
JUST got out of a NAsTY relatonship where the b*tch cheated on him and lied about it,
yadda yadda, ad nauseam. He's a chode, and I'm trying to get him to see the light.
He'll come around eventually. I mean, the guy LOOKS like a model, so why should he
have problems with women? His head's just not on str8 right now.

Anyway, yeah - so we get to MC's and we order a pitcher of beer. He gets a seat back a little ways away from the dance floor and I come around the corner with the pitcher in hand and 2 glasses.

At this point, I spot the 3 set sitting at the little bar area circling the dance floor. They're laughing and having a good time - good. This HBItalian eye fucks the SHIT out of me and I know I HAVE to go.

I set the pitcher down, pour Parker a glass, then myself, and then immediately
approach the girls - who are less than 20 feet away but there is nobody else anywhere
near that side of the bar, so it feels like it's A LOT closer.

CCK: Heeeyy! What up! Looks likes the party's over here!
HBItalian: yup, yup!
CCK: you guys are like the sex and the city girls, only you're missing your other
HB7: yeah, we totally are!
HBCute: she's sick tonight, so she couldn't make it.
CCK: i knew it, i knew it! well, cheers everybody!

i tink glasses with all the chicks and we drink. i'm thinking to myself, 'ok, you
HAVE to sit down ASAP...' remembering what Jeffy said during my bootcamp (which the
report IS coming, i've just been ULTRA busy).

i grab the empty seat next to HBitalian and immediately i see that she is into me.
i'm not really saying anything too interesting (that i can remember, this was 2 days
ago) and all i'm thinking in my head is 'GOOD. now don't say anything STUPID and you
got a winner.'

i look HBitalian up and down and notice her very delicious double D's with the slim
waist and good trimmings. All in all ---> HB8.

i'm going through my head remembering the sequence of 'physical escalation' i learned
from jeffy on bootcamp... i pull out my phone and flick to my memo pad where my notes
were taken:

- spin handshake
- fingerlock
- spin hug
- waltz dance
- neck bite
- makeout

i stand up, grab her hand and just initiate the spin handshake. she's mega into it
since she's here anyway to learn how to line dance and is EAGER to practice. (and i
guess get hit on by hot guys, hehe)

CCK: do ya'll smoke?
HBitalian: yeah, i do.
CCK: let's go.

i take her hand and i lead her outside to the smoking section. i loosely forget
what i actually talked about here, but i know it was rapport based conversation
with me busting her balls that she's this big time Italiano chick who's a TRY HARD
to be all country. she's eating it up.

i go up to sing my song, 'Sorry - Buckcherry', NAIL it, then come back to sit with
her. we got outside again to smoke, and this time i'm not quite listening to what
she's saying per se as i'm thinking in my head, "ESCALATE".

recalling jeffy saying to just literally 'check out' her body with no shame whatsoever, giving her the full eye to eye contact to scanning all the way down her
body, lingering on her tits, then on her waist, then down to her toes and then again
aaaall the way back up, linger again on her tits, her neck and then finally her eyes.

she is still talking to me like i hadn't done anything at all... in fact, except for
when i broke eye contact to unapologetically 'check her out', SHE never broke eye
contact with me. ladies and gentlemen, we have a GREEN light.

i close the distance between us, inches apart....

CCK: so you've been coming her for 3 weeks now, eh? who have you met while you've
been here?

i grab her drink out of her hand and set it on the table. i'm fully giving her the
triangular gaze. she's getting ancy all of sudden, i can sense it. her pulse is

HBitalian: nobody really...
CCK: hmm, that's interesting...

BOOM. cut to HARDCORE MAKEOUT. she grabs me by the head and pulls me in with feeling. enjoy. enjoy. enjoy.


i break away, smile, grab her hand, sweep up my beer, and walk back inside.

the rest of the night pretty much went the same pace. i could tell that logistics
had fucked me because her 2 friends she was out with rode in with her from tacoma, at
least a 30 minute, more like 45 minute drive away.

i attempted to fulfill the other areas of physical escalation by randomly spin hugging her, allowing her to attempt to teach me the 2-step, fingerlocking her, and
immediately after we had our makeout DELUXE outside, i administered the CLAW and did
not let up until she ended up leaving with her girls, but crammed a karaoke sign up
slip in my hand with her number in it.

HBitalian: it looks like we're leaving...
CCK: cool...
HBitalian: here's my number tho, call me.
CCK: do you have to work tomorrow? (bc i don't have to work either, and i'm looking
to set up a Day2 right here and now, i feel it, it is ON)
HBitalian: no.
CCK: cool. then i'll probably call you tomorrow. probably.
HBitalian: ok... i'll see you later

BOOM - pull her in with one hand on her neck, do a mini-makeout, release, let go...

CCK: later...

after i got home, i sent her a text:

CCK: you got my number now. Had a great night - get home safe! ;)


The next day, she texts me first around 1pm.

HB: Hi
cck: hey yourself two step ;)
HB: what's going on?
cck: playing my new xbox game and relaxing. You?
HB: going to the mall to get my daddy a bday present. then dinner with the fam.
cck: girls and your malls ;-p We should get together afterwards
HB: I can hit you up after dinner
cck: Oh I'm sure ;)

she texts me later around 8ish...

HB: Hey
cck: what up yo :-p
HB: just maxin and relaxin g. What are you up to?
cck: just got back from tanning and spring cleaning my car
HB: oh you boys and your tanning
cck: haha yeah we're awesome ;)

* I try to call her at this point bc the text convo is going slow, and i want to
get some concrete PLANS with this girl ASAP, while it's still early, or move on to
something else, but she doesn't answer and it goes to voicemail. i'm about to call
her back again and she sends me another text *

HB: still with the fam. Have to text.
cck: that boring huh? i feel ya. you wouldn't want to get hot and bothered with them
around ;)
cck: you in tacoma?
HB: (someplace other)
cck: Karaoke tonight! Woo FUN!
HB: where?
cck: Mcclouds duh!
HB: it sure is a drive
cck: know a place out there?
HB: not really, do they line dancing every night?
cck: yup lol
cck: as long as tim's there yeah
HB: probably worth the drive then
** i'm pretty positive, like 99% at this point, that this is DEFINITELY goin down TONIGHT**
cck: yeah. probably ;)

she ends up coming all the way out again to MC's, and i get to the bar a little before she does. i get a drink, put a song in and again notice a 5 set all having a
good time sitting pretty much where the set from last night was. as i'm walking back, i eye them up with sexual interest (even though i haven't really checked any of them out at this point, or rather nothing really caught my eye that was THAT special about
them) and i'm like 3/4 of the way from walking completely by them when i suddenly
turn to my left and open them:

cck: WOW. this must be girl's night out tonight, eh?
ALL: yeah, it totally is!/it's her bday!/yeah, we're celebrating!/etc...
cck: awesome! well my name's cck. you'll see me probably making a fool of myself tonight and getting shitty drunk and whatever else shennanigans i think of. (i'm placing my miller lite bottle on my forehead, pressing it up against my head while i'm saying this... i dunno why, it just seemed to fit the scenario)

i proceed to get all of their names, of which at the end i reply, "i'm probably not
going to remember them all, but at least you know that i gave it a good try with good

HBitalian shows up and its ON like it was the night before. i'm standing at the little bar area around the dance floor when she walks up and is like, 'hi'.

cck: hey! (quickly i hug her, then commence the spin hug where she wraps her legs
around me)
cck: what is up, yo... (i breathe this into her ear and neck at a somewhat dialed down volume but still loud enough for our re-introduction... to set the tone of the
Day2 in the right mood from the beginning)

the night's filled with more karaoke, more cigarette makeouts (isolation), and i
would've pulled earlier but i genuinely have a good time doing karaoke, so i wasn't in THAT big of a hurry. the makeouts outside are getting more intense, but it was when she started putting her fingertips just inside the tops of my jeans and then finally lifted my shirt and said,

HBitalian: 'you have a nice body!'... that i was like, BINGO.
cck: let's get out of here.
HBitalian: ok. how far away do you live?
cck: well, do you know where...
HBitalian: (cuts me off) NO, lol.
cck: about 15 min away
HBitalian: cool

we finish our beers, she heads out to her car, i head out to mine and she follows me to my place. i KNOW she is DTF because i'm staying with my buddy Parker who lives out in the frickin' BOONIES... seriously, it's almost as if i'm leading her to get slaughtered in some remote fucking part of the woods where not even the trees will help you. so i had a little trepidation when she asked how far away i lived. instead of getting into details, i just opted for '15 min'. 

which is true. more or less.

we get back to my place and it's GLORY TIMEZZZZZ. she was like, PORN STAR-TASTIC.

amazing ;)

hope you guys enjoyed my first FR EVER. i hope to post many more. and my bootcamp one with Jeffy will be coming soon! the only thing i wonder about this pickup was whether i should've pulled earlier, or rather i guess, if i COULD have. it seemed pretty ON to me, and i almost knew i had this thing in the bag, but was it the RIGHT thing to do in the pickup to delay PULLING the chick?


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