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About Me: 
I am Affie, young student of history and game, South African making a name for himself in Europe. Young, mastermind genius who invented 'befok', an infamous South African word meaning anything you want it to. Befok isn't just a word its a way of life. When you die, you dont want to have lived a mediocre lifestyle, you want your life to be 'befok!'. An awesome fullfilling life so fascinating and worthwhile no other word describes it as good as 'befok'. Well thats my goal. I want to live an awesome life and help others live it too. I'm a student, sportsman and lover. I play guitar and sing for a living bitch. Also wanna be pro rugbyplayer and powerlifter. Official master of the braai. On a journey to spread love and get laid doing it.
Music, surfing, hiking, rugby, braai, powerlifting, philosophy, psychology, bussiness, religion, language, bottany, meat, cooking, dogs, cats, wildlife, nature, travel, art, history, being a narcistic asshole, reading.
sex with your mom
Favorite Music: 
I'l listen to anything cool and laidback or any good party music. Fokofpolisiekar, van Coke kartel, motley crue, guns n roses, seether, jack johnson, guns n roses, pete murray, dmx, wutang clan, 50cent. Ect. Anything awesome Bruce springstee and Journey ofcourse.
Favorite TV Shows: 
Californication, dexter, seinfeld, southpark. Anything thats possible to watch without getting irritated at how fucked up people are
Favorite Movies: 
Anything with Jason Statham, Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and jamie fox. If its good I'l watch it. Love silly cheesy comedy romance films as well.
Favorite Books: 
Self help, fishing literature, surf literatur just about anything that can help improve your life and skills

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