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Saturday 22 april. I didn't 'feel' like going out. The six nations was on, and I was feeling buthurt because I'm not getting laid. I pushed through the  resistance and went anyway. First I had a date with some skiny hard to read girl, then my plan was to go clubbing alone for the first time in my life. Where did my sudden surge of motivation come from? I dont know, a combination of wanting to get laid so bad, wanting to get good at this and some inspiring  words from Jeffy. Shave away excuses and why cant I be good at this. Let the night begin.
    So the  date was nothing special, we vibed pretty nicely but the attraction is just not there, I feel attracted and I don't think she does either. This girl is hard to read, she is sexy, throws indicators of interest at me, but doesn't like intimicy. Not from anybody apparently. Because of her lack of social knowledge I'm friendzoning her for now... As a newbie I'm really trying to get out of that scarcity mindset. Anyway inbetween dating with my date I strike up conversations with the bartenders and some  other people. Just to be social and I might come back to this place and knowing the bartenders equals free drinks from time to time.
    The one bartender Is a very sexy black woman with an amazing energy, energetic, grounded and happy. If she wasn't the bartender I would have definitly gone for the make out but allas. Glad  we hit it off well. Next I talk to a threesome of American girls, I pull my date in, and we talk with em. One girl was totally in to me, but when they left I was to dumb to see the social que's and take proper action. Learning moment. When somebody's in to you, dont let them just walk away with a 'nice to meet you'. Take action, whatever it takes.
     I get a free guinness from the bartender, and meet a dude who speaks Afrikaans. Genius, I vibe with him for a few seconds. The date decides she wants to go, I dont mind because I am getting bored. Hug, kiss on the cheek and bye bye motherfucker. I go to my pub next. There are always interesting people there. And sure enough when I walk in I see two beautiful Russian lady's sitting there. I open them, they want me to go out with them. Adventure baby, motherfucking adventure. So the bartender opens me and wants a hug, it turns into a giant group hug  and I'm touching lots of boobs. Totally in state right now.
    We got to an underground techno club and its epic. Im pulling girls into the circle of love and we just dance. Somewhere along the lines I forget I was out to pick up girls. I just didn't care, it was eighties night and I'm having a motherfucking good time. I tried to make out with both the sexy russians, but these girl were just out to dance. No kissing aloud. I didn't mind, these girls were grinding on me shaking there tits and I'm loving this shit. Through out the night I open girls left and right but reject to soon for it to go anywhere I dont follow through.
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Haven't gone out in a while. Haven't been beasting as a wanna be pimp should have. As a young man who has just started studying things can be tough. Especially someone who has a history of being socially awkward, as awkward with girls as a piece of driftwood basically. After readig nine ball again, it hit me, three months into the new year and still haven't gotten my dick wet. I have been focusing on other areas of life and basically have been a miserable bastard. Gained weight, haven't gotten out the house, just studying and falling into the comfort trap.
   Even before the new year I made a change, lost weight, got all the grades I needed, eat better, sleep more and make more music. You see, the last time I've gotten laid was in June, pretty fucking pathetic. Though thinking back I see that I was beasting. Anyway I decided to go out once before this fucking exam period and that's exactly what I did. One last stand. I knew I have changed as a person. I have become succesful, confident, entitled and happy. Maybe even a little more social.
   So went out on St patricks day. I'm feeling it hard. Talking to the bartenders, by now I'm a local and they have actually become friends. The one bartender is pretty and we playfully flirt. Very helpful for social proof. So first off, start talking to these two canadians who are new in town. They buy me about two pints of guinness while talking away about the miracles of dutch society and I have to agree with them. Then they offer me an 'Irishcarbom' , my new favourite way to start the night. Pour baileys and jameson into a pint of guinness and slam that shit.
   The beast is unleashed, aka evil kumar aka affie aka mandela.  First open a fat asian and hot brazilian chick I pull em to the tabel let the boys keep em busy, while I go for a piss. I come back and they're gone. Fucking chodes. Next I open two fugly chicks, the one really looks significantly like I would imagine the devils asshole to look like. Anyway one of the canadians grows the balls to join me and we game away... just for practice. Eventually we move back to the tabel this is when the magic happens.
    We sit down and this beautiful indian chick passes, I immidiatly grab her hand and introduce her to the group. She sits next to me and we talk flirt etc. while keeping  group engaged. I try to kiss rejection. The canadians fucking laugh at me and I find it funny too,  just having a great time.  The chick walks, about half an hour later we meet at the bar and she still has the hat I gave her we talk. I go in for the make out and another rejection. Persistance motherfucker. 'so yeah anyway you look like Rajesh frome big bang theory, moving to africa next week blah blah derp' just shooting the shit. She gives me the classic kiss on the cheek and this magically results in a make out. Hey I'm happy, a socially deprived will take any victory.
   The night is something out of a hollywood movie, Im getting wasted saying stupid shit but beasting opening everybody, talking to everybody etc. I meet the girls friends, they fire some major shit test, I just continue repeating: 'are you guys having a good time'. Crack a joke and soon the peer group think Im the shit. The indian chick talks to some random fat bald dude, and I ask her friend what the fuck. She says: 'she's trying to make you jealous'. I grab her and the indian girls friend asks me if I like her and I say yes, then I tell the friend I think we should kiss... She starts screaming yeah kiss kiss. Boom another make out. Engange the peer group motherfucker.
   At the end of the night I get some random street singer to sing a song for us by bribing him with cigars and wine. Fucking romantic though. We part ways for now. Then later  I run into her talking to some chodes, take her hand spin her hug kiss her in front of them. Long story short ended  up fingerbaging her in  the bathroom. Succesful night out, probably could have banged her but was to wasted. 
    This nightt got me thinking. I have potential to become great, to not go out such along time and kill it anyway says alot. After this exam period im going on a motherfucking beastblast. First things first though, studying like a chode.
Lessons learned:
1 persistance
2 I have great  potential
3 Have a good time
4 Take fucking risks 
5 Take risks, I now fear shit I dont do more than the stupid shit I do do, if that makes sense
6 Progress will come if you put the time in, but get your life handled.
7 Small victory's
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 Affie night out trying to get laid

I've been doing a fare share of reading and self help for a while, a few weeks ago I decided to get into RSD the only 'pick up community' that made sense. All natural game. Honest and true to the self. I've never been very social but I have improved over the last year or so. Yesterday I decided to start my quest to becoming a motherfucking pimp. So thats what I did, went out to my favorite pub where I know all the bartenders and bouncers, this ofcourse gave me a massive 'home' advantage. It was a jam night so I also had the chance to sing and play guitar, another awesome advantage in the field. The thing with playing live music is it not only causes wet panties, but gets me in a great state.

I walk into the pub say hello to all my mates, bouncers and bartenders, put my guitar aside order a whiskey and a beer and a chicken pie. I was fucking starving. The musicians enter and I make conversation, one dudes from russia another frome Israel. There is girl who is singing who I've met before,  spark a conversation tell her she has a beautifull voice and go back to the bar to listen. I like taking a casual, fun and authentic approach when it comes to approaching and attracting women. Just bringing the party and making people feel good. So I head back to the bar talk to Finny, a bartender, probably the most egocentric and peculiar bartender you'l ever meet. It's quite the laugh to piss him off now and again. 

I order another drink and spark a conversation with a blonde girl sitting next to me.
Me: Are you having a good time?(a chode opener but honestly I am having a great time and the nimbus is raging)
Her: I am here for the music
Me: yeah great musicians here.
Nothing special but I feel fucking great. I make some more fluff talk and bust on her for not having anything better to do. She just sits there with this ridiculous grin on her face like she's won the lottery or something. Actually it was more like the kind of grin you'd expect from someone who was just about to get fucked sideways by a silverback gorilla. I keep on talking my ass of and at one point she tells me she's here with her mom. At this point I just laughed in her face. She ofcourse now knew she shouldnt have said that and begins blushing. The grin slowly but surely disapearing. I thought to myself 'what the fuck' and went to tell finny, who I now introduced to the chick. I then take off to go play the guitar.First I bust out the old staple it together by Jack Johnson. Then continue with knocking on heavens door and just rock the fucking house, I end with Hallelujah put the guitar down and feel the nimbus raging.

I go talk to the russian guitarist and tell him he sold his soul to the devil for his insane guitar skills. I tell him America hates him and he looks disturbed. I laugh it off and open a guy and a girl at the bar. They tell me they are from mexico, I'm fucking stoked for there part and call them drug traffickers. The girl laughs the guy stares off into nothingness. Weird... Anyway infront of these two mexicans there is just a real beauty, she turns around. I ask her if she is also a drug trafficker mexican criminal. She says she is romanian, like theres a differance between romanian and criminal?! HAHA. 
Me: Fuck You I hate you if you're not mexican. Fucking romanian.
Her: oh my Gooawd, (starts giggling hystarically)
Me: Come here (hug)
Her: You are soo funny
Me: Yeah I love you to
Her: where are you from
And so forth, more fluff and I take off to play the motherfucking guitar biatch.I play some more love songs, then go to Finny busting his balls and having a good time. My Wingman who was with me, is talking to some old pedofile dude at the bar. I ask him what the fuck he is doing, turns out he was actually getting free whiskey from the old fat dude. Yes I know. 

I start up a conversation with some weird looking french dude, I just keep repeating Ce la vie over and over. I dont even know what the fuck that means but the dude seems amused. I then talk to his girlfriend and some beautifull german girl. At this point I dont remember much, I remember she was into me and asked me if I had facebook, I gave her my name and such. I open a french chick who cant speak English and go back to my Wingman who is drunk off his ass on free whiskey. Finny is now really pissed off at me, because he was off shift and I managed to get a huge group of dutch to go into the pub. He just stares me down like he's going to smash me with a bottle and torture me. I get a little scared, and decide to go outside.

I open three real dirty 4's but whatever right practice makes perfect. Just make some small talke I'm not even trying. They look irritated. Oh well... I feel on top of the fucking world. I just take off and go talk to some other guy from Brittain. The romanian chick try's to get past all the people. I tell her if she wants to pass I want a kiss, she gives me a kiss on the cheek and hugs me. I think she's attracted. I play and sing some more forgetting all the lyrics and just making up my own, fucking awesome. 

An halfhour goes by and I am sobering up. It's about three in the morning and I see this beautifull latin chick. I open the group. 3 guys and two girls. I just say Hi and ask if they are having a good time. They say yes. I isolate the girl and bust on her for being greek and lazy. I give her the back turn and ask the dude if she is always like this. I ask then tell the dude she is like a retarded greek godess. I turn around she grins and I hug her. We have an interesting conversation about religion. It comes down to this:1- children believe in fairytales and Santa2- average people believe in god3- real men believe in nothing4- the enlightened believe in themselfAwesome I eject.

The romanian leaves I get her number, but can't close because for some reason I have gone major big pussy. Cant even get a make out. FUCK.

Same happens with the greek chick... FUCK!

Then I happen to run into another greek with beautifull eyes, fucking beatifull, some kino but again nothing really interesting happens.
Not bad for the first night of so
me real social dynamics. But still I had some fuel left in the tank, at 4 in the morning. But Finny tells me someone has been occupying the toilet for half an hour. I think to myself Fuck where the hell is my wingman. I go to the toilet and ask who's in there. Fuck it's him and guess what, its not good. Turns out he fucking puked all over the place. HaHa I apologize to Finny but he reasures me he doesnt have to clean the shit up. HAHA fucking priceless. So my wingman cant walk any more and the night ends in a drastic halfhour hike with him to my place. Weird.
Over all not a bad first night. I had some awesome interactions, but now know my sticking points. The close, I need to learn how to fucking CLOSE!! I have to say I am proud of myself. I finally begun this mission and I am sticking to it. Also maybe a few less drinks next time. But whatever right? It can only get better.
Okay so quick improvement list:
- less drinks
- more approaches
- Isolate more
- Venue change with women more
- Stay longer in the interaction
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