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Here is one story:

"Today, I was on my way to work at bus and there was very old lady and she has very old dog in her bag.
This dog looks quite old. He has long black hair and sometimes even gray, beautiful friendly eyes which only dog can have. But what was quite weird at that dog: He has long tongue hanged out from his mouth.
Ok, you can say it's normal, dogs do that. But that dog's tongue was different. It was just hanged there with no move at all for all the time. So I thought, "That is weird! What's wrong with this dog?" And then it happened. Dog yawns.....There are no teeth! That explains everything! Poor dog has no teeth left, so that was the reason why his tongue was out from his mouth! I felt so sad about that dog. Poor old dog.

dog's tongue

But then, I imagine myself as 80 years old grandfather without teeth, sitting there in bus with my tongue out of my mouth and I was laughing at myself! (big smile or stick out your tongue)"

True story, by the way.

Every time I said this story to any girl, they feel like "Ohhhhh, poor dog." but when I finish it, they can't stop laughing. :-)

Feel free to improve it for you.

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