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I'm used to go to my work by bus. This time I saw cute 7 girl sitting there alone, so I came and sat next to her.
She was reading some school stuff about nails, and she has many kinds of them drawn there.


Me: Faculty of engineering?
She: (smile) No, industry high school.
Me: Do you have some exam at school today?
She: Yes. (smile)
Me: You should learn this yesterday, not now at bus, it's quite late for it. (smile)
She: I was learning it yesterday too. (smile)
Me: You are learning interesting stuff about nails! That will be very useful, when you will hammer some. (ironicaly said)
(she laugh)
She was very friendly, we chat about school, exams, she said that she is in class, where only 5 girls are there, we talk about that, about nerds, etc...
I asked her if I'm not disturbing her from learning, but she said no, that she is glad to talk with me.
We chat then for a while, but then I had to leave the bus.
I should at least do @ close.

Lesson: Do not take every girl you approach as potentional relationship girl, then if she doesn't meet your expectations, you hesistate to close. She can be girl just to go out to have some fun!

That all for day 7.

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