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I can see the difference, now. It's amazing how these things work. It's only 6th day of my 30-days challange, but I already can see what's happening to my personality. I'm more friendly, more social, more smiling. It's great!

When I left my work, I saw HBBlonde10 at bus station. I saw her few times at gym. She is kind of HB that she is used to be complimented and have a lot of attention. She has to be used to be open and approached all the time.
Here is what I did: I stand next to her at bus stop. I was standing there as Gambler described at one site - full of self-confidence without any looks at her. (It was quite hard, she is so beautiful. At gym I saw her sexy tatoos.) When I came, she was not interested of me at all, but after few minutes she starts to check me (to look at me, if I will look at her). It was very funny. More I resisted her, more she was interested. Then bus came and we both enter. She stands next to me and continues to checking at me. Now I know, that I am a bit interesting for her, that I'm different that other guys she used to met. Next time I see her at gym, I'll open her.

At the same bus there was one girl, that I've met before few times. She knew my old me (after my ex broke up with me), so I decided to fix it. After we left bus I open and start to talk to her, it was great. I neg her few times, I was funny, we talk about some shit, I've tried to # close, but failed (she laugh - I'll need more time to fix her opinion on me.). But when divide, she told me, that I have to come to one bar sometime, where she's used to go.

Then I went to gym, after my exercises I went to cardio and there were two lovely girls. I open with: "Can you girls help me to setup this running belt?" (or how it is in english). I did one mistake, I should start with "Hey girls!" to get their attention, because when I asked them to help me, one girl seems to be scared of my quick question. It froze me.

Tomorrow, I'll write here what happens me today's morning at bus, but that's day 7 and its not over yet. :-)

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