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Day 3: There is one thing I want to share with. At friday, when my friend and I was at one bar, I've noticed one alfa guy talking to one HB9 at the bar. He talked to her for a while, then I noticed that he give her his phone and she wrote him her number. What he did afterwards? He came closer to her look at her forehead and tell her that she has some big blackhead on her forehead. She said that she has many of them and feel embarassed a bit. After a short while I saw them two kissing :-)

Day 4: Shame on me! I didn't approach or open any girl at 4th day. I have to do something about it. But at least, I spent some time with my family after long time.

Day 5: I was in train on my way back to city where I live, but there were no girls, only some dudes or old people. Nevermind, I went to one market and there was one cute blonde 8 doing promo for some butter. She was standing behind small table next to cooling racks with milks, etc. There was quite cold there. So I approach and ask her:
Me: What sin have you did, that you have to stay here in this cold?
She: (tired, smile a bit and nods sadly)
Me: How long are you standing here? You should takes some pils as prevention to not be sick tomorrow.
She: (she was more tired, than friendly)
I toke one of those piece of rolls with butter, eat it and left.

That's it. 4th and 5th days.

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