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Yesterday was friday and I was on my way to my hometown. I spent 5 hours in train.

Anyway, when I've changed trains I sat next to a cute 7 girl. She was reading some book. I broke 3 seconds rule and press 'play' at my mp3player: Stevie Wonder - I Wish. This song always gets me in the good mood teeth After a while:
Me: May I ask you a question?
She: Yes, sure.
Me: I've noticed that you are reading book from Dune series. This one is about...?
She: Harkonens, blah blah blah
Me: That's interesting...

..long chat about movie, books, etc...

She: Books are so better than movies, I always get pissed when I read book and then see the movie.
Me: I don't have time to read books with like 500 pages.
She: You can read them while you are in train.
Me: Actually, I was reading my new book about graphology. (she seems interested)
She: Wow, you are interested in such things?
Me: I'm interested in many other topics like spiritualism, ezoterism, palmistry, mind reading...
She: Wow, really? That's so interesting.
Me: Yes, it is. I can easily read number from 1 to 10 from you mind, if you will think about it.
She: Ok, try.
Me: 7! (wink)
She: No way! How you can know that? Try it again!
Me: 4! (lucky guess)
She: OMG! You are right again! That's not possible! Try it again!
Me: No, it's enough.
She: Come on, I want to try it again. That's not possible.
Me: No, I said, it's enough. If you will be so curious, you will be old soon.
She: Ok, ok...
... she started to ask questions about me, about this mind reading, about my work, she was a student and she study the same specialization like me, so we talk about school, etc. Then she had to leave the train at station:
She stands up, and pack all her stuff - silent all the time like waiting for me to ask her for number.
Well, I didn't. I forgot to ask for her number confused. I should. Next time, I definetely will.

That's it. 3rd day.

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