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From the morning I was excited and I was looking for women to approach teeth. I came to bus stop where I want to open somebody, but there was my friend, so instead of opening new people, I talked to friend and also all the way in bus.

At lunch break I went to one restaurant, but it was almost empty so I just order my meal and then one small cute 7 came in and sat nearby. She ordered quite big pizza, half-liter limonade and big cup of coffee. That's strange. Where it all can go into her? She was like 160 cm tall and slim.
That was something I wanted to use to open her and start conversation about. So, I paid for my lunch and I was on my way to approach her. Then it happened, I saw her wedding-ring. It was like a punch to my face and I immediatly stopped and walked off. Now, I don't really know why, I was just practicing my opens.
Anyway, on my way out from restaurant I was thinking about it. All the time I was sitting there eating my lunch, she was sitting there normally, but when I was on my way to approach, she straighten up, shows her nice boobs and then look at me. I don't know if she tested me if I look at her boobs or no. If yes, I failed what chu talking about, It was hard to resist that look.

Then, on my way to work, I noticed one beautiful blone 8, working for some charity, asking people for money to donate for sick children. I came closer and asked her what is that donation for. We talk a bit about charity, I asked her if she is doing it for free or not. She said, that she is doing it for free of course, to help children. I admire her, that she is very good person. Then I got nervous and had nothing else to say, so I wish her many donators and left.

That's it. 2nd day of challenge. Nothing special, hopefully I it will be better tomorrow.

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