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Day 14: Salsa! OMG! Yesterday started new course of salsa for newbies. I came a bit sooner to find the place and to be confortable there. There was already course of salsa for intermediates. Salsa looks pretty cool! I recommend everybody to learn it. When the lesson started, we all stand in rows and start to practice basic steps of salsa, then we do couples and dance. There were lot of pretty girls there, we change couples several times, I danced with about 10 girls. I didn't think about pickup, I just had fucking good time there! It was actually perfect party. I had a really good fun there.

Result? Almost all of 10 girls opens with "Do you dance first time?", I said "Yes, I'm here first time, why?", "Because you dance so good, you lead dance very good.", (I didn't tell that I used to dance like 8 years when I was a kid, because I dance salsa for the first time).
Three of girls (two of them very hot), open me with "What's your name?" and started to interview me. I played cool, said that it's all a secret, let's focus on dancing :-) When we changed couple then (asked by trainer), they seems to be disapointed because of that couple change. It was great fun.
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