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I was at lunch, and there was a set of 2 hot girls and 1 guy sitting next to my table. One girl and dude was eating and they were learning some stuff to school about employee and employer law. When I was waiting for waitress to pay, I open them with "May I ask you a question?", they were all surprised. "Is it law, you are learning to some exam?" One girl said yes, that hey have to learn this soon.
Me: I have one gimmick for you to learn it more quickly.  (I was fucking nervous)
They: Hmm, ok.
Me: Try to have a play like in theatre, one of you will act as employee and the other one will be employer and then go through those points and act them. Then change your roles.
They: Hmm, ok.... thanks, but we don't have time for that. (and turns away from me).
Me: smile and left.
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