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Friday: I was at work, and called my friends if they are free at evening to go out. Everyone had some plans to do, so I was alone thinking what to do. I didn't want to just sit at home at friday night. Here is what I did:

I went to cinema to see some funny movie (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - 3D - great movie, btw). At bar near entrance to cinema there was a girl selling popcorn. She works there for sometime. I remembered her and she remembered me, because once, I was there alone too, and I bought ticket from her. I was very kind and smiling. I had great mood. This time, it was amazing. When I come to her to buy some ice tea, she was looking at me, smiling and she has those doggy eyes. When movie finished, I give her nice smile and said hello, but she was quite busy because of lot of people there waiting to be served.

Then, I went to small theatre and there was like competition at improvising at random theme. It was amazing to see all those young guys and girls improvising in front of so many people. They were all funny, without any shame or something. At the end, I open few girls, asked them how they enjoy the competition. Who was their favorite actor, etc. It was fun.

Then, I went to restaurant to have some dinner, I chat a bit with waitress. Nothing special to mention.

Then, I decided that I'll go to club. It wasn't so easy for me. I haven't been at club for years. And alone? Never before! But I read about going to club alone here at forums for a while, so I decided that I'll go and try it. I had a great time so far, I had a great mood. When I entered that club, it was perfect! All people have great time, they had fun, they dance a lot, all that place was filled with positive energy. Many of those people were more younger then me, and I feel a bit old there for a short while, but then I saw several guys at my age (27) and girls too, so I wasn't the oldest dude there :D
I went to bar, I asked cute waitress for drink, then I enjoy the energy of club like it belongs to me. I was like: If I was the owner of this club I wish those people have this great time here. Everytime new song starts to play, some groups were like "Wooooo!" It was perfect. I did that too :D I noticed that I wasn't staring at girls to open them at all. I had great time by myself there and I was so suprised by that! I was having great time on my own, just by being there. Like "I'm alone at club at friday night and It's great!"
Then I noticed something funny. When I start to notice girls around me more, I saw they were almost all of them looking at me, and everytime our eyes met, they started to dance more (like to impress me).
I was like "WTF?!, How is that possible?" That never happend to me before! I realized, that it can be because I had great time by myself and maybe they noticed it. Those girls were hot! They weren't like some average girls, almost all of them were very hot! Well, I didn't approach any of them, because I didn't feel like I want to, and I started to count the girls looking at me, waiting for me to dance with them. I know, ridiculous, you can say that I should approach, open, etc. I was feeling fine without that at that night.
I was like "I want to see how far the rabbit hole goes." Everytime I saw that some girl is interested in me, my mood pumps up more and more. When I counted about 8 girls, one (not from 8) girl came to me with her friend and she said, "Hello, my friend (HBYoungBlonde8) wants to know you (like get acquainted with)." I introduced myself, we kissed each other at cheeks, HBYoungBlonde8 was very shy. NotBlonde girl asked me, if I'm here alone, I said, yes. NotBlonde girl said "You are not alone anymore, HBYoungBlonde8 will be with you now." Then, they invited me to their table. I said, "ok, thanks, I'll come later." (I didn't come, they were both way to young for me, they were like 16-17. It's hard to guess age these days.) I've been there for a while, then I went to other club.

Other club was completely different one. Almost all people there were like older then me, 30+ women and men. I felt lost there for a while, but I was so in good mood. I met there 2 my girl friends, they were a bit drunk, but they had a great time too. I dance with them both a bit, then on my way to toilet one women catch me by my hand and like "call me to dance" with her. She was quite cute, but she has like 35+ (I am 27.) It was obvious that she wants me, but I didn't feel the same with her. Then she apologized that she disturb me on my way, I said, its ok and I turn away to continue my way to toilet. (I thought that she understand that I'm not interested), but she grabs my hand again and asked me, why I'm leaving here? I asked her where the toilets are and left.
I had great time, I dance a bit. I've noticed that in this second club they were women staring at me too. But they were all too old for me. Anyway I chat a bit with one very cute girl at my age. She was working at cloakroom. I was like "Finally some normal not drunk old women!" I didn't remember the whole conversation, but it was great, we laughted, I should asked her for number. I forgot again :-( Next time, I will.

Saturday: Short story: My friend and his G/F asked me to go out with her friend. I was in, glad to met new girl. She was single, quite cute 7. After about 1 hour, when my friend was acting like perfect chode, I noticed that everytime that he said something chodeish, Cute7 did weird look at him. Then, I noticed big sign at her forehead "I HATE CHODES!". We chat for a while, we talked about relationships, it comes up, that she had some bad relationships and she is like "she hates men". She was very cocky but she has great time too, and we all have great night.

Sunday: I just did some shopping. I've been social, open few nice friendly girls, but nothing special to mention.

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