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This is a bit long, so If you really want to read it, get some coffee.

After yesterday's reading of Speedy's 30-day challange at work, I decided to do the same as he described at his blog:

My problem is that I have imprinted to my brain from my parents something what they used to say to me when I was a kid: "Do not talk to strangers!" or "Do not talk to unknown people!". Well, I did that all my life.
I hardly could ask somebody about anything. I had problem to order pizza by the phone. Yes, I was such a loser.

Actually, I had several relationships with beatiful girls, but not successful at all. They usually broke up with me after few months or last one after 3 years (when I became a wussy). After last broke up with 3 years girl, I was crushed, depressed, begging her to come to me back, because I love her so much, etc. You know what I mean.

Few months after break up, I found at internet one blog. One guy there wrote about "How to pick up a girl" and some similar topics. There was one nice topic about greatest pickup artists and links to their pages, so I open it and sign for newsletter. (I was very sceptic about all this, but sometimes I have nothing to do at my work, so at least I can read some stuff.)

I signed to recieve newsletters from RSD, David and Ross Jeffries. I recieved emails about pickup everyday, I read it and I like most RSD's and David DeAngelo's newsletters. Ross Jeffries' newsletters have too much adverts for my taste.

Anyway, after few days of reading these newsletters I finally understand what's all about. Why all my relationships fail, why all girls I like, want to be just my friends, etc...After this huge realization for me, I decided to change my depressed way of life into something what I really want - to be myself as self-confident MAN, not a wussy anymore.

I started to be more active, I bought new bass guitar (I want it for many years), I go to fitness and start do something with my weak body (I wanted to do this for many years), I quit smoking (I was smoking since 16), I go to concerts, I go everywhere just to do something to be active, to actually live.

After one month of reading newsletters, I found 'The Game' book at one bookstore (in my national language), so I bought it, read it and been very impressed, I start to read here at RSDnation blogs with field reports and it is amazing, because I found here people like me with the same goals, successes or fails.

Yesterday I read Speedy's blog and posts about his 30-days challange and it gives me a lot of motivation to actually do some action in field. Thanks for that Speedy (if you read it by some accident).

So here is what I've done yesterday:
Few minutes later, when I left my work I said to me, that I just open everyone. No matter what. It doesn't matter at all, as Speedy described. I focused just to do some opens.

I was standing at almost empty bus stop. There was only 3-set - 2 guys and 1 girl (7). One of those guys has guitar at case. I came to them and asked about guitar, if it's acoustic or electric. Then it comes up that he is actually a guitar teacher. I mentioned that I was looking quite long for bass guitar teacher if he knows some. We all talk about guitars, schools and school system. Then I saw that girl and the other guy are couple, so I thank them for bass guitar teacher informations and left. They were all very kind and helpful.

Then, I went to one supermarket and there was one cute girl (7) selling fresh fruit drinks. I order one and asked her where they buy those fruits, she was working there just for a while so she didn't really know. Then I asked her who make up those funny drink names. Same answer, but she was kind and smiling.
Good! This talking to strangers isn't so hard, that I thought.

I went to shoes store to buy new one for winter and there was very good looking blonde (8) working. I asked her if she can help me to choose something for winter. She look quite bored, but when I used my proved smile, she really wants to help me. I said that it's quite problem for me to find some good shoes, because of my big feet, she smiles and start to "jumping" around me offering me something to try. I tried about 7 pairs, but I was not satisfied with any. One funny thing happend, when I tried one. She says:
"You look good ..(she pause, blushed, then realize)..with those shoes.
I was so nervous :-) I thank her for her help and went to do some other shopping.

So that's it. 1st day of my 30-days challenge.

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The Garrett

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Awesome man!! I will be excited to follow your progress.
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