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Day 14: Salsa! OMG! Yesterday started new course of salsa for newbies. I came a bit sooner to find the place and to be confortable there. There was already course of salsa for intermediates. Salsa looks pretty cool! I recommend everybody to learn it. When the lesson started, we all stand in rows and start to practice basic steps of salsa, then we do couples and dance. There were lot of pretty girls there, we change couples several times, I danced with about 10 girls. I didn't think about pickup, I just had fucking good time there! It was actually perfect party. I had a really good fun there.

Result? Almost all of 10 girls opens with "Do you dance first time?", I said "Yes, I'm here first time, why?", "Because you dance so good, you lead dance very good.", (I didn't tell that I used to dance like 8 years when I was a kid, because I dance salsa for the first time).
Three of girls (two of them very hot), open me with "What's your name?" and started to interview me. I played cool, said that it's all a secret, let's focus on dancing :-) When we changed couple then (asked by trainer), they seems to be disapointed because of that couple change. It was great fun.
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I was at lunch, and there was a set of 2 hot girls and 1 guy sitting next to my table. One girl and dude was eating and they were learning some stuff to school about employee and employer law. When I was waiting for waitress to pay, I open them with "May I ask you a question?", they were all surprised. "Is it law, you are learning to some exam?" One girl said yes, that hey have to learn this soon.
Me: I have one gimmick for you to learn it more quickly.  (I was fucking nervous)
They: Hmm, ok.
Me: Try to have a play like in theatre, one of you will act as employee and the other one will be employer and then go through those points and act them. Then change your roles.
They: Hmm, ok.... thanks, but we don't have time for that. (and turns away from me).
Me: smile and left.
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Friday: I was at work, and called my friends if they are free at evening to go out. Everyone had some plans to do, so I was alone thinking what to do. I didn't want to just sit at home at friday night. Here is what I did:

I went to cinema to see some funny movie (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - 3D - great movie, btw). At bar near entrance to cinema there was a girl selling popcorn. She works there for sometime. I remembered her and she remembered me, because once, I was there alone too, and I bought ticket from her. I was very kind and smiling. I had great mood. This time, it was amazing. When I come to her to buy some ice tea, she was looking at me, smiling and she has those doggy eyes. When movie finished, I give her nice smile and said hello, but she was quite busy because of lot of people there waiting to be served.

Then, I went to small theatre and there was like competition at improvising at random theme. It was amazing to see all those young guys and girls improvising in front of so many people. They were all funny, without any shame or something. At the end, I open few girls, asked them how they enjoy the competition. Who was their favorite actor, etc. It was fun.

Then, I went to restaurant to have some dinner, I chat a bit with waitress. Nothing special to mention.

Then, I decided that I'll go to club. It wasn't so easy for me. I haven't been at club for years. And alone? Never before! But I read about going to club alone here at forums for a while, so I decided that I'll go and try it. I had a great time so far, I had a great mood. When I entered that club, it was perfect! All people have great time, they had fun, they dance a lot, all that place was filled with positive energy. Many of those people were more younger then me, and I feel a bit old there for a short while, but then I saw several guys at my age (27) and girls too, so I wasn't the oldest dude there :D
I went to bar, I asked cute waitress for drink, then I enjoy the energy of club like it belongs to me. I was like: If I was the owner of this club I wish those people have this great time here. Everytime new song starts to play, some groups were like "Wooooo!" It was perfect. I did that too :D I noticed that I wasn't staring at girls to open them at all. I had great time by myself there and I was so suprised by that! I was having great time on my own, just by being there. Like "I'm alone at club at friday night and It's great!"
Then I noticed something funny. When I start to notice girls around me more, I saw they were almost all of them looking at me, and everytime our eyes met, they started to dance more (like to impress me).
I was like "WTF?!, How is that possible?" That never happend to me before! I realized, that it can be because I had great time by myself and maybe they noticed it. Those girls were hot! They weren't like some average girls, almost all of them were very hot! Well, I didn't approach any of them, because I didn't feel like I want to, and I started to count the girls looking at me, waiting for me to dance with them. I know, ridiculous, you can say that I should approach, open, etc. I was feeling fine without that at that night.
I was like "I want to see how far the rabbit hole goes." Everytime I saw that some girl is interested in me, my mood pumps up more and more. When I counted about 8 girls, one (not from 8) girl came to me with her friend and she said, "Hello, my friend (HBYoungBlonde8) wants to know you (like get acquainted with)." I introduced myself, we kissed each other at cheeks, HBYoungBlonde8 was very shy. NotBlonde girl asked me, if I'm here alone, I said, yes. NotBlonde girl said "You are not alone anymore, HBYoungBlonde8 will be with you now." Then, they invited me to their table. I said, "ok, thanks, I'll come later." (I didn't come, they were both way to young for me, they were like 16-17. It's hard to guess age these days.) I've been there for a while, then I went to other club.

Other club was completely different one. Almost all people there were like older then me, 30+ women and men. I felt lost there for a while, but I was so in good mood. I met there 2 my girl friends, they were a bit drunk, but they had a great time too. I dance with them both a bit, then on my way to toilet one women catch me by my hand and like "call me to dance" with her. She was quite cute, but she has like 35+ (I am 27.) It was obvious that she wants me, but I didn't feel the same with her. Then she apologized that she disturb me on my way, I said, its ok and I turn away to continue my way to toilet. (I thought that she understand that I'm not interested), but she grabs my hand again and asked me, why I'm leaving here? I asked her where the toilets are and left.
I had great time, I dance a bit. I've noticed that in this second club they were women staring at me too. But they were all too old for me. Anyway I chat a bit with one very cute girl at my age. She was working at cloakroom. I was like "Finally some normal not drunk old women!" I didn't remember the whole conversation, but it was great, we laughted, I should asked her for number. I forgot again :-( Next time, I will.

Saturday: Short story: My friend and his G/F asked me to go out with her friend. I was in, glad to met new girl. She was single, quite cute 7. After about 1 hour, when my friend was acting like perfect chode, I noticed that everytime that he said something chodeish, Cute7 did weird look at him. Then, I noticed big sign at her forehead "I HATE CHODES!". We chat for a while, we talked about relationships, it comes up, that she had some bad relationships and she is like "she hates men". She was very cocky but she has great time too, and we all have great night.

Sunday: I just did some shopping. I've been social, open few nice friendly girls, but nothing special to mention.

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It's funny how good I feel. I didn't feel like this for years! Well, I'm still very nervous while interacting people, especially women, but at least I'm already interacting, talking to them. Few weeks ago, I wasn't able to talk to strange, unknown women at all. I was shy, negative. After break up with my G/F, when I felt that I'm already good, I was checking other women if they just look at me, if they like me, how I look, etc. But nothing. I was like invisible for them. Nobody noticed me at all. Now, when I'm thinking about it, it can be because I didn't want to be visible, because of my mood - "Do not look at me, do not talk to me, I want to be alone now, because I don't feel good."

I've been thinking about tag "field report". I should use "field experience", it is great experience for me to approach, open, talk to people.

At train station, while I was waiting for train where my brother should come, there was nice girl standing there waiting for train too. I approached, open with question about where the train will come, then we talk for like 10 minutes about where she is traveling, about school, etc. It was great, she was friendly, but then it comes up that she has BF. It doesn't matter for me, I approached, I open, my satisfaction was great.

I was at hairdresser's and there was one beautiful 9 blonde hairdresser girl. She started to wash my hairs, I asked her how many times in day she has to wash somebody's hairs. I was pretty nervous, my heart was beating like jungle drum (like in Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum :D), I was thinking about what to say to be funny, to impress and to not look like a idiot. But, then I realized that this is not helpful at all. I chill down and stop thinking about that. Then all of sudden, I asked her if there is some school for hairdressers. She was friendly, we talk about this school, about exams they have there. Then I asked her if she has this work deformation, if she used to look at hairs of people a lot. She said yes, we joke about it for a while. We laughed about that. It was great.

When I'm at bus or anywhere walking at town, people noticed me, especially women! And not just noticed, they seems to be interesed, even when I'm not doing anything. It's amazing! This journey rocks!

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I'm used to go to my work by bus. This time I saw cute 7 girl sitting there alone, so I came and sat next to her.
She was reading some school stuff about nails, and she has many kinds of them drawn there.


Me: Faculty of engineering?
She: (smile) No, industry high school.
Me: Do you have some exam at school today?
She: Yes. (smile)
Me: You should learn this yesterday, not now at bus, it's quite late for it. (smile)
She: I was learning it yesterday too. (smile)
Me: You are learning interesting stuff about nails! That will be very useful, when you will hammer some. (ironicaly said)
(she laugh)
She was very friendly, we chat about school, exams, she said that she is in class, where only 5 girls are there, we talk about that, about nerds, etc...
I asked her if I'm not disturbing her from learning, but she said no, that she is glad to talk with me.
We chat then for a while, but then I had to leave the bus.
I should at least do @ close.

Lesson: Do not take every girl you approach as potentional relationship girl, then if she doesn't meet your expectations, you hesistate to close. She can be girl just to go out to have some fun!

That all for day 7.

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I can see the difference, now. It's amazing how these things work. It's only 6th day of my 30-days challange, but I already can see what's happening to my personality. I'm more friendly, more social, more smiling. It's great!

When I left my work, I saw HBBlonde10 at bus station. I saw her few times at gym. She is kind of HB that she is used to be complimented and have a lot of attention. She has to be used to be open and approached all the time.
Here is what I did: I stand next to her at bus stop. I was standing there as Gambler described at one site - full of self-confidence without any looks at her. (It was quite hard, she is so beautiful. At gym I saw her sexy tatoos.) When I came, she was not interested of me at all, but after few minutes she starts to check me (to look at me, if I will look at her). It was very funny. More I resisted her, more she was interested. Then bus came and we both enter. She stands next to me and continues to checking at me. Now I know, that I am a bit interesting for her, that I'm different that other guys she used to met. Next time I see her at gym, I'll open her.

At the same bus there was one girl, that I've met before few times. She knew my old me (after my ex broke up with me), so I decided to fix it. After we left bus I open and start to talk to her, it was great. I neg her few times, I was funny, we talk about some shit, I've tried to # close, but failed (she laugh - I'll need more time to fix her opinion on me.). But when divide, she told me, that I have to come to one bar sometime, where she's used to go.

Then I went to gym, after my exercises I went to cardio and there were two lovely girls. I open with: "Can you girls help me to setup this running belt?" (or how it is in english). I did one mistake, I should start with "Hey girls!" to get their attention, because when I asked them to help me, one girl seems to be scared of my quick question. It froze me.

Tomorrow, I'll write here what happens me today's morning at bus, but that's day 7 and its not over yet. :-)

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Day 3: There is one thing I want to share with. At friday, when my friend and I was at one bar, I've noticed one alfa guy talking to one HB9 at the bar. He talked to her for a while, then I noticed that he give her his phone and she wrote him her number. What he did afterwards? He came closer to her look at her forehead and tell her that she has some big blackhead on her forehead. She said that she has many of them and feel embarassed a bit. After a short while I saw them two kissing :-)

Day 4: Shame on me! I didn't approach or open any girl at 4th day. I have to do something about it. But at least, I spent some time with my family after long time.

Day 5: I was in train on my way back to city where I live, but there were no girls, only some dudes or old people. Nevermind, I went to one market and there was one cute blonde 8 doing promo for some butter. She was standing behind small table next to cooling racks with milks, etc. There was quite cold there. So I approach and ask her:
Me: What sin have you did, that you have to stay here in this cold?
She: (tired, smile a bit and nods sadly)
Me: How long are you standing here? You should takes some pils as prevention to not be sick tomorrow.
She: (she was more tired, than friendly)
I toke one of those piece of rolls with butter, eat it and left.

That's it. 4th and 5th days.

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Yesterday was friday and I was on my way to my hometown. I spent 5 hours in train.

Anyway, when I've changed trains I sat next to a cute 7 girl. She was reading some book. I broke 3 seconds rule and press 'play' at my mp3player: Stevie Wonder - I Wish. This song always gets me in the good mood teeth After a while:
Me: May I ask you a question?
She: Yes, sure.
Me: I've noticed that you are reading book from Dune series. This one is about...?
She: Harkonens, blah blah blah
Me: That's interesting...

..long chat about movie, books, etc...

She: Books are so better than movies, I always get pissed when I read book and then see the movie.
Me: I don't have time to read books with like 500 pages.
She: You can read them while you are in train.
Me: Actually, I was reading my new book about graphology. (she seems interested)
She: Wow, you are interested in such things?
Me: I'm interested in many other topics like spiritualism, ezoterism, palmistry, mind reading...
She: Wow, really? That's so interesting.
Me: Yes, it is. I can easily read number from 1 to 10 from you mind, if you will think about it.
She: Ok, try.
Me: 7! (wink)
She: No way! How you can know that? Try it again!
Me: 4! (lucky guess)
She: OMG! You are right again! That's not possible! Try it again!
Me: No, it's enough.
She: Come on, I want to try it again. That's not possible.
Me: No, I said, it's enough. If you will be so curious, you will be old soon.
She: Ok, ok...
... she started to ask questions about me, about this mind reading, about my work, she was a student and she study the same specialization like me, so we talk about school, etc. Then she had to leave the train at station:
She stands up, and pack all her stuff - silent all the time like waiting for me to ask her for number.
Well, I didn't. I forgot to ask for her number confused. I should. Next time, I definetely will.

That's it. 3rd day.

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From the morning I was excited and I was looking for women to approach teeth. I came to bus stop where I want to open somebody, but there was my friend, so instead of opening new people, I talked to friend and also all the way in bus.

At lunch break I went to one restaurant, but it was almost empty so I just order my meal and then one small cute 7 came in and sat nearby. She ordered quite big pizza, half-liter limonade and big cup of coffee. That's strange. Where it all can go into her? She was like 160 cm tall and slim.
That was something I wanted to use to open her and start conversation about. So, I paid for my lunch and I was on my way to approach her. Then it happened, I saw her wedding-ring. It was like a punch to my face and I immediatly stopped and walked off. Now, I don't really know why, I was just practicing my opens.
Anyway, on my way out from restaurant I was thinking about it. All the time I was sitting there eating my lunch, she was sitting there normally, but when I was on my way to approach, she straighten up, shows her nice boobs and then look at me. I don't know if she tested me if I look at her boobs or no. If yes, I failed what chu talking about, It was hard to resist that look.

Then, on my way to work, I noticed one beautiful blone 8, working for some charity, asking people for money to donate for sick children. I came closer and asked her what is that donation for. We talk a bit about charity, I asked her if she is doing it for free or not. She said, that she is doing it for free of course, to help children. I admire her, that she is very good person. Then I got nervous and had nothing else to say, so I wish her many donators and left.

That's it. 2nd day of challenge. Nothing special, hopefully I it will be better tomorrow.

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This is a bit long, so If you really want to read it, get some coffee.

After yesterday's reading of Speedy's 30-day challange at work, I decided to do the same as he described at his blog:

My problem is that I have imprinted to my brain from my parents something what they used to say to me when I was a kid: "Do not talk to strangers!" or "Do not talk to unknown people!". Well, I did that all my life.
I hardly could ask somebody about anything. I had problem to order pizza by the phone. Yes, I was such a loser.

Actually, I had several relationships with beatiful girls, but not successful at all. They usually broke up with me after few months or last one after 3 years (when I became a wussy). After last broke up with 3 years girl, I was crushed, depressed, begging her to come to me back, because I love her so much, etc. You know what I mean.

Few months after break up, I found at internet one blog. One guy there wrote about "How to pick up a girl" and some similar topics. There was one nice topic about greatest pickup artists and links to their pages, so I open it and sign for newsletter. (I was very sceptic about all this, but sometimes I have nothing to do at my work, so at least I can read some stuff.)

I signed to recieve newsletters from RSD, David and Ross Jeffries. I recieved emails about pickup everyday, I read it and I like most RSD's and David DeAngelo's newsletters. Ross Jeffries' newsletters have too much adverts for my taste.

Anyway, after few days of reading these newsletters I finally understand what's all about. Why all my relationships fail, why all girls I like, want to be just my friends, etc...After this huge realization for me, I decided to change my depressed way of life into something what I really want - to be myself as self-confident MAN, not a wussy anymore.

I started to be more active, I bought new bass guitar (I want it for many years), I go to fitness and start do something with my weak body (I wanted to do this for many years), I quit smoking (I was smoking since 16), I go to concerts, I go everywhere just to do something to be active, to actually live.

After one month of reading newsletters, I found 'The Game' book at one bookstore (in my national language), so I bought it, read it and been very impressed, I start to read here at RSDnation blogs with field reports and it is amazing, because I found here people like me with the same goals, successes or fails.

Yesterday I read Speedy's blog and posts about his 30-days challange and it gives me a lot of motivation to actually do some action in field. Thanks for that Speedy (if you read it by some accident).

So here is what I've done yesterday:
Few minutes later, when I left my work I said to me, that I just open everyone. No matter what. It doesn't matter at all, as Speedy described. I focused just to do some opens.

I was standing at almost empty bus stop. There was only 3-set - 2 guys and 1 girl (7). One of those guys has guitar at case. I came to them and asked about guitar, if it's acoustic or electric. Then it comes up that he is actually a guitar teacher. I mentioned that I was looking quite long for bass guitar teacher if he knows some. We all talk about guitars, schools and school system. Then I saw that girl and the other guy are couple, so I thank them for bass guitar teacher informations and left. They were all very kind and helpful.

Then, I went to one supermarket and there was one cute girl (7) selling fresh fruit drinks. I order one and asked her where they buy those fruits, she was working there just for a while so she didn't really know. Then I asked her who make up those funny drink names. Same answer, but she was kind and smiling.
Good! This talking to strangers isn't so hard, that I thought.

I went to shoes store to buy new one for winter and there was very good looking blonde (8) working. I asked her if she can help me to choose something for winter. She look quite bored, but when I used my proved smile, she really wants to help me. I said that it's quite problem for me to find some good shoes, because of my big feet, she smiles and start to "jumping" around me offering me something to try. I tried about 7 pairs, but I was not satisfied with any. One funny thing happend, when I tried one. She says:
"You look good ..(she pause, blushed, then realize)..with those shoes.
I was so nervous :-) I thank her for her help and went to do some other shopping.

So that's it. 1st day of my 30-days challenge.

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