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Ok, so i'm over 1 year in teory of pick up. My english isn't too good, but i'm trying to do my best - so you can understand me. ;-) The chodest thing in me is that i'm reading about this for a year - since last girl that dated me found someone else (i never was with her, that was only dating for her fun - i think), and i approached meaby 10 girls. Never phone closed, never asked about anythink. I was in situations, where i could use so called "situational opener". Anyway, this whole game did changed a lot in my life. Now i have a lot of female frends, and they are all worried about me. Im twenty three years old, never get laid - dated abut 4 girls. The funny thing is that i always am so scared when i know that i must approach, and later those girls are always happy, that i did that. Anyway - that dosen't changed anything - i'm still scared.
It's now about 1:30 am in my country, and i decided that the chode must go away.
Abut 10 AM i'm going to libary, where i did my first normal approach and try to meet some hot girls - meaby there, meaby on the street.
Why i decided that chode must go ?
I was reading at forum abut 10 days decievness challenge, but i didn't do anything.
Since at wednesday last week when i was going for some huge conference.
I was going there by tram, and i didn't have a ticket.
Of course man controling tickets find out (they check it one time meaby in year - i get luck), and said "ok, we are going out this tram". I forgot my id, so it was ... very bad. He told me, that he was going to call the cops. True - I commited a crime. I was talking to him, even told him "look, i'm in hurry - if police don't come here in 5 minutes i run away" - crazy thing to do. Anyway, he let me go, i didn't have to pay, didn't get anything. Like it never happend.
But this was the moment when i realized something. I commited a crime and i have no problem to talk about it to strange person who wanted to get cops to whole situation. This person was obligated to do it by polish law. But it is still a problem  for me to meet chick - even if it's not so dangerous, as saying to public officer "i will run away from crime scene". This is crazy. I think that thinking about that girl whitch i was dating year ago still stops me a lot from going out - I probobly still have a hope that she will be back, but it's impossible.
How looked my firs approach ever ?
It was a break time in libary, so everyone was at the hall.
And then this cute girl came in, everyone was looking at her.
She couldn't use coffe machine, nobody wanted to help her, so after about 20 seconds i walked to her and said "can i help you ?", and she stared to talking to me, laughing, etc. It was ok. I wasn't saying too much, she was joking around, etc. But i didn't know what to do. I was after half year about reading "how to meet girls", and i still couldn't do it. I said to her "good bye" and run away.
I need to do this approach todady.
Goodning and good luck. ;-)
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