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After i wrote that i dislike my inner chode, he is still there. I didn't make my first cold approach. I'm getting a little sick when i think, that i can't even take resposibility for my personal life. My room-mate was at night in club and he meet some cute girle, and he is bigger chode then me (but he drinks more then me, hehe - anyway, great guy after all). Btw. i'm trying to do day game. I'm talking to some girls that works at shop (ha, i know every single girl or lady that works in shop with cigaretts, hehe), sometimes i can speak with strangers (if they start conversation), i was on few dates with girls that i meet on internet - it was ok, but it's hard for me do to cold approach.
Why ?
-i think too much about it, when i schould "just go"
-before i decide "do i like this girl ? do i want her ?" - she is alredy gone
Meaby i should start to drink in day game, hehe. ;-)
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