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I joined up on RSD nation a month or two  ago and like two days later  my hard drive fried so I haven't been able to post field reports or get feedback.  I logged some of my field reports the old fashion way with pen and paper so I'll post some of them one by one or in groups in the near future but first I wanted to both intro myself  and give my afc and pua in training history.

My friend Phil got me into this scene after I had a mild emotional breakdown after getting blown out by literally every girl I approached one night. At the end of the night  he gave me pep talk and told me he had some stuff to help me. At first  I  thought...vicatin..j/ no he did give me an outline of the pua community and history and then gave me a bunch of his materials that he was finished with since he was and is having good success for the time he has been exposed to all of this great material, information, and support system that is this community.

So since mid september I have read, watched, and/or listened to the following in somewhat chronological order:   (2 )meaning twice

1) The Game (2)
2) The Blueprint Decoded (2)
3) The Style Diaries
4) Double Your Dating (2)
5) RSD Foundations
6) The Annialation Method (2)
7) The Sphinx of Imagination
8) Kick Ass Confidence
9) The Art and Science of Cold Reading (just started)
10) Without Embarassment (just started)

Not a special amount or an unexpected list by any  measure but just wanted to give an idea of potential feedback givers what is in my mind so far as far as required materials go....
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Have you been out to practise it?!
Because it sounds like you havent done anything else.
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I go out at least once a week at bare minimum usually two or three times...

I also have friends and a steady job...its just amazing what a person can do with his time over the course of three months which was the time frame I consumed those materials in...

Shit Tyler would burn through that list in half a I said, it was a baseline of info...

Constructive advice rather than a half assed passive aggressive  insult would be appreciated...
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