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Well if there is one thing I definitely need to work on it is getting the Three Second Rule tatooed in my head. I know the name Mystery is probably a dirty word around here but I do think that theory is a sound one for those who have problems with approach anxiety such as myself.

Well last night was a perfect example of how one should abide by that rule before it is too late in a quick amount of time. I was at an irish pub in downtown Chicago last night for a friend's birthday dinner.  When we got there it was dead and the women that were there were old and fat. So I quickly accepted that it wouldn't be a pick up kind of night and shifted my focus towards having good conversations with my friends and entertaining the group.

About an hour and a half after we arrived all of a sudden the bar is crowded and the ratio of girls to guys is like 3 or 4 to 1. I wasn't feeling approach anxiety, however  I wasn't done eating  my dinner and promised my friends I would join them for a smoke outside considering I only smoke socially, once in a while. So since it was biting cold they wanted me to join them outside. So I finished eating, joined them for a smoke, then went to the bathroom.

While I was washing my hands I decided I was gonna go straight from the bathroom into opening a set and not worry about my friends for the rest of the night but would rather focus on getting to a number or kiss close.

Unfortunately when I got out of the bathroom literally ALL of the attractive women were gone.  The bar had three levels we were on the top level and I literally went through each floor looking for a set to open and they were all gone, it was back to old, fat lady central.

So I'll take that as a lesson to abide by the three second rule  when I see hot women take over a bar.  Don't wait, don't finish eating, don't smoke, don't piss, just open... and close, close, close...
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