Adam's Adventures

Hey everybody, I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself, I'm Adam aka Van Wildest.... a professional online poker player that lives here in Las Vegas and I loves to party.  I typcially go out 4-5 nights a week and I enjoy travelling all over.  Some of my favorite places that I've been to and lived in are Sweden, Amsterdamn, Costa Rica, South Africa, Prague and Austin, TX.    I recently joined RSD as an intern and i'll be here blogging about random things about my life from picking up women, baseball, poker to things i'm doing with my internship. I also have a sick 9 bedroom 6,300 square foot house here in Vegas and I rent out all of the rooms to people from all around the world.  We have a good time and throw some sick parties.

PS:  Feel free to add me to your friends and/or hit me up if you're ever in Vegas.
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