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So I was laying in bed with a girl I pulled last night and we had some interesting pillow talk. I'll call her Cali Blondy. The conversation started with my best friend who is engaged to his swedish girlfriend, this guy and I had been all over the world together and was the best wingman I have ever had, from 2006-2008, we had met tons of women and had incredible times all before we new about "The Game". We were both very simular in our style except he would rarely get SNL (Same Night Lays) and usually end up in relationships. However, I would never end up in them and always had 1 night stands. So as Cali Blondy and I talked about this, I explained that I couldn't figure out what the difference was, I felt like we had very simular game. She was able to pin point exactly what it was

She went on to talk about when I approached her the 1st time. She said that everything about me told her I was a player, that I got laid a lot and that I had "NO FEAR". This made me smile. She said that everything I did was smooth, natural and while she knew she was being gamed, she was impressed with how the entire interaction went. She mentioned how at one point she noticed how she was mini isolated and turned away from her friends and all she could see was me and the wall and she was kind of boxed in. Her terms for game were not good, but as she described the interaction, it made me feel good inside. So her point was that she slept with me because she knew that I was a player, that she wouldn't have to invest anything afterwards, that I was used to sleeping with women and that I wouldn't judge her.
As for a guy like my friend, she wouldn't feel right doing so because he was more of a relationship guy, she might feel judge, it might be akward, and if she really liked him, she wouldn't want to give it up right away.

This was originally started as a thread  There was also some good responses so I turned it into a blog so it wouldn't get buried forever.


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Ricky Fitts

Ricky Fitts


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 Great article... When you are long enough into the Game, your inner core starts to become a player one. And yea woman can sense it if the guy is not relaxed about it and judgemental..

Interesting pillow talk. Thanks for the article.
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