Adam's Adventures

This whole blog thing has been fun the last few weeks and I know i'll get used to bringing the camera out more... maybe i'll wear it as a necklace or something... thats an idea actually! So yeah... my day started at Ellis Island (casino) where I met up with Blake, Ben, Johnathon, Joe and Shawn who were already finished with their barbque feast. Codey rode over there with me and Niki met us there. So Ellis Island is lame, don't hate, so we rolled over to Paradise Cantina where low and behold, Jen was there who we met the night before and BAM! Got her to do 10 jumping jacks before even getting into the place. Met Ashley, who was our server, she wasn't as new as Jen said she was, but she joined the game as well and sure enough..... her jumping jacks came shortly after. More came throughout the evening from just about everyone and the Reds and Magic lost leaving Adam out of some cash from his previous sports bets :(

So we left the bar, quick stop at the house and rushed to Stoney's to meet up with Morgan and swindle some girls out of $ drinks. This is where I felt like I slacked on pictures, stoneys is probably my favorite place to go on thursdays and there are always a grip of new and fun people to meet and last night was no different, just... not enough pictures... arg. Ah well, maybe you can visualize it. Saw Michelle, Mike, and April there from the night before, my friend Constanine for a second, lost the lesbian bet with Morgan, and then ended up at South Point Casino bowling alley, $ drinks for everyone. Dominated at bowling, then bounced a little after 3am with the girl I pulled.

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