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I do a lot of things right, I've been with a lot of women, and have been very successful... there I said it, thats my "Brag". But thats not what this is about, this isn't about being perfect, As I know I am far from it, this is about the fuck ups, the misques, the things that just go wrong and I invite you to be a part of it. I will make this as interactive as possible by posting a ton of pictures, sarging with other members and accepting other's challenges plus suggestions on what YOU would like to see me do Tonight in the field, day 2's, and so forth. I will field test your material, your ideas, and report it all right here..

The plan is to make mistakes...a lot of them. I can do something right 100 times in a row and never know its the right move, but I can make a mistake 1 time and know what if feels like as its deeply imbeded in my soul.

I'm Adam, 30 year old male living in Las Vegas, Nevada, join me in my adventures.

hexen220 Wrote:

wait, what, this thread is about field testing ideas?????

Yes, I will field test some ideas.

-I go out 5 or 6 nights a week, sometimes 7.
-I will also be assisting instructors in more bootcamps
-Some nights I will do my own thing with my own objective
-Some nights I will go out with a sole mission of someone posting here, either field test, or a challenge.
All of it will be discussed here :
My ongoing Interactive Thread under Field Reports

Check it out
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awsome.  try picking up a woman with three lines: fuck you, fuck me and irrelevant :)
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