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As I sit in my hotel in Denver, Colorado... I ask myself... what do I want? What is there that I do not already have.  I just can't get to sleep tonight....I ponder for a good while.....

I have women, I have friends, I have freedom

-I could be in better shape, but do I care?  no... i'm in good enough shape to enjoy my life
-I could have more friends... maybe I could have better quality friends, like actors, sports stars, the president... but I love all the friends I have now.
-I could have more women? I don't know... I have been with somewhere between 450-500 women in the last 12 years. 

What makes me happy?  Women, being around them, sleeping with them, meeting new ones, the interactions we have together.  So I love women, women make me happy.... but where does it all end?  What is my goal?  1,000 women?  No, #'s are not important to me.....  I sit here at 3am and I can't seem to find the answer...
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Props for the brutal honesty and the hard questions you are asking yourself mate. Respect.
I obviously dont have an answer for you, but if I was you i would view this as a positive step. Be proud of your past achirvements and realise that you have surpassed your orginal goals. Its time to form new, harder and more challenging ones and refocus your purpose on something different. Get excited about what lies ahead.... Good luck man!
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Here's the thing the ego doesn't get satidfied forever so it only gets happy for a while but look be still and drop the ego observe everything around and im sure that will answer your question by seeing and observing whats around you im sure it will help.
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