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While I used to think that nothing beats a good house party I've recently learned that every bar you goto can become your own house party and most of the time even more fun.  The reason that I love house parties is that you can easily go around and meet everyone with such ease, everyone is linked to each other some how, the conversations are natural and easy, and always plenty of seduction locations.  A house party is one big set merger.  What I found from bars is that It can be the same thing.  You have two kinds of people in bars... those your know... and those you don't. 
If you had a party at your house, you'll know the majority of the people there and anyone new, you'll go and introduce yourself and make sure they know where everything is at and having a good time.  So why not do the same thing when you are in a bar?  For all your next set knows, you could be the bar owner, the bar's biggest regular, or the fucking party host of the century, they have no idea, only what you project.  I've recently been approaching everyone in the bar as if they were the only strangers left to meet at my house party.  I'll make sure they are having a good time, ask if they know where everything is, the specials,  then i'll set merge.  After a while, you have met everyone in the bar and if you did a good job, you'll have sets dragging you back in and everyone watching you as you bounce around causing chaos.  Whatever your goals may be, you could end up with a ton of numbers, lots of makeouts, makings a ton of new friends, getting future hook ups at other bars, and of course rolling home with The Hottest Chicka in the place.

Below are just some random pictures from Last Night's Adventures here in Vegas.  House Party followed by a South Point Casino bowling alley bar, lol.  

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