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"After being introduced to this childish, silly game about 8 months ago, its been a part of my life ever since and has led to some great times in bars and amoung old friends and especially helps in making new friends and opening sets as this game can give you the attention of everyone around you.  Its led me to open everyone in the entire bar as well as sometimes have the entire bar open me with curiousity."

No one knows the true origin of the game of life. I was introduced to it while on a random adventure backpacking through Costa Rica (October 2008) when I noticed some yelling coming from the lounge in the hostel I just arrived in. After dropping off my stuff, I continued over to the common area to see someone on the floor doing push ups as everyone in the room was couting, 7, 8, 9, 10! They welcomed me to their little afternoon party and I immediately asked what that was about. An australian guy answered, “its the game of life mate”. He continued, “its called the Game of Life because it never ends, once you are in it, you’re stuck for life.”
Rules of the Game of Life.

1.) Anytime a guy answers a question using the “keyword” he must do 10 push ups. This is instant, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

2.) Anytime a girl answers a question using the “keyword” she must do 10 jumping jacks. This is instant, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

3.) If someone not in the game ask a question, it doesn’t matter if they answer with the “keyword” or not. Only people within the game may “get” other people within the game.

4.) The Keyword is “Mine”

5.) If you get embarrased easy, or you don’t like to be commited to something for life, then don’t join. Once you are in the Game, you are stuck forever. If this isn’t for you, then don’t join, people have had to do their “push ups/jumping jacks” in the strangest places and the craziest times. You at NOT the exception, if you think there will ever been a time where you would not be willing to do it, then don’t join, you’ll be disrespecting everyone who has joined before you.



The many victoms in the game of life
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