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I had a few questions about online game, so I decided to post this in my blog to make it an easier reference.  Feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer them and update this post.

Online game has been a huge part of my life until recently.  I started with online game when I was 19, back in the day with ICQ and Yahoo. I've worked at stopping online game 2 years ago when I discovered the community. I felt like I had perfect my skill set with online game, but my cold approaches were rocky then. Online game had made the back half of my game rock solid. My opening, rapport, DHV, attraction, everything was taken care of online before even meeting girls. So I could go into mild attraction building, mild rapport, and it was super easy for me to escalate and take it down from there.
Here is my experience in the last 10 years with online game.

I prepared a list thats more of a timeline rather a ranking system.

1.) ICQ - it was an instant messenger back in the day. You could search for people in your area and chat with them. I fucked about 10 girls from ICQ, pretty much all of the SNLs. (1998-99) Texas and college years.

2.) Yahoo Messenger - Instant messenger and yahoo chat rooms ( before they were taken over by bots) was gold for me around 1998-2003. Also used yahoo personals a lot before it went to shit. Texas, college years, USA, Vegas. 50-100+ lays

3.) Adult Friend Finder - Not one of my favorites. Its usually nasty girls, rarely anyone worth meeting and its pretty creepy. 2000-2007. less than 5 lays

4.) Hot or Not - Somewhere in the early stages, 2001ish? This was the hot site until myspace came out. It was the current gold m.i.n.e. 25+ lays

5.) Myspace - This was a site sent from god just for me. I could add 1,000's of girls from my area, really pimp out my profile, and play a huge numbers game. 2004-2009. USA 150+ lays  ( also played a roll having girls open me from bars that recognized me from myspace)

6.) Efterfesten - This was a swedish social networking site. I found that most girls in other countries use their own networking site and were not into myspace and only recently became into facebook. 15+ lays Sweden

7.) Facebook - I didn't get into this until the winter of 2007/2008 when I was living in Cape Town, South Africa. It was the dominate social networking site there. Late 2007-2009. Produced 3 lays, all from south africa. About Facebook, I like it, but I don't think its good for hooking up with randoms, its not as acceptable to add strangers and seems a lot more personal. Its great to give new girls you meet in person your facebook, its a good way to keep you in their lives when you don't have time for them.

8.) Thunda - This was a social networking site only in Cape Town. I think I fucked 1 girl I met form there. Not as big as Facebook there.

9.) Hyves - This was the dutch social networking site that I took advantage of when I lived in Amsterdam. I was only there for a month . 2 lays

10.) - It was more of a pay site, so I didn't really get into it too much, but there were some times I dabbled with it in the past, less than 5 lays.

11.) OKcupid - More recent, it wasn't as good as other sites, but was responsible for atleast 2 lays2008+

12.) Plenty of Fish - I like this site a lot better. One thing I've found with personals is that you get a majority of older women on here. It has a good layout and I think this site has a bright future. 2008+ 5-10 lays

13.) Craigslist - I never really liked CL but I have ended up using it a lot. There ended up being just way too much SPAM on it and would just completely turn me away from it. I had more luck posting my own ads and dealing with the emails I would recieve rather than playing the numbers game and contacting a bunch of fake ass ads. 2008+ 15+ lays

I'm sure there are a few other small sites that I missed, but this is what I could remember off the top of my head in the last 10 years.

I thought I'd elaborate a little more on what goes into profiles.  Below is a couple of examples of some current profiles I have.

Dating Site Profile 1
AdamVegas : I just had my 6th toe removed

About Me
I went to this Pepper concert on Friday night with some friends. I wore shorts because it was at the Hardrock pool and we arrived at like 6pm for free drinks because spy on vegas was there. But... knowing the concert would end around 11pm, I threw my pants in my roommates car. Well, he got so drunk that night that we lost him, he took a taxi home like at 4am and doesn't remember anything. But whatever, its Monday and my pants are still in his car... which sucks because I want to wear them tonight.

First Date
First you would pick me up at my house because i'd probably already be too drunk to drive, then i'd lend you some camouflage overalls and we'd pant our faces black. The rest of the night would be spent in the bushes with a bottle of jack outside of Will Ferrell's house just waiting for him to come outside. Sometimes he does and its cool, you know.

On a serious note...
I'm a social being, I love meeting new people, i'm successful, i live life with 0 regrets, I'm not perfect, I still make mistakes, i work hard, I get everything I want, well traveled, have a strong passion for baseball, appreciate home cooked meals and I have some amazing friends from all over the world.

I've dated plenty of models, actresses and dancers. While I always seem to end up with these women, I also understand that it never lasts, I'm attracted to beauty, but I also must have substance, brains, and energy. Plus, I hate drama, smoke, drugs, and people that can't control themselves when they drink too much. I have no expectations from people that I meet, I can love, I do forgive, and i'm always interested in other people's views of life.

Dating Site #2 Profile

I am super tall, athletic, and well travelled

My name is Adam, i'm 6'5", well travelled and I'm just moving back to vegas. I'm not saying anything else about myself because really, people will just look at my pictures and decide from there if they want to message me.

But I WILL say this, i'm not exactly sure what i'm looking for, I know I want to meet my soul mate, of course we all do, but seriously.. is this the place for it? Who knows, life is full of suprises and I enjoy getting emails from all you freaks!

Things to include in your email that interests me -
- your myspace or facebook
- your pictures
- um.. being female
- a funny joke
- anything about "Entourage" "How I met your mother" or "Dexter"
- anything about social dynamics and crazy stuff you've seen other people do.

Things that bore me -
- lame jokes
- sex in the city
- talking about your ex boyfriends
- religion
- asking how I am (i'm good) okay, and my day was fine, my weekend was fine, and if you wanna know whats up.. then look up... jesus, eat a dick


--Adam G

Things to remember when making a profile.  Be Fun, Be Spontanious, Unpredictable, Don't look try hard.  Its online, here is the easiest place to not give a fuck and be carefree.  Girls LOVE to read profiles, i've talked to tons of them about online profiles, either dating sites or myspace/facebook.  They will get caught up sometimes reading random guys profiles for hours.  So when they get to yours, you don't want it look like all of the other Joe Schmoe's out there. 



The other thing to keep in mind is your pictures.  Pictures are very important, actually they are the most important thing.  Most sites let you put up 10 pictures, because pictures can say soooo much about a person, its your job to find the best combination of 10 pics that can show yourself , your personality, and everything about you.  You are putting YOURSELF out there, the real YOU.  
When I put up a picture, I trying to the find the pictures that I look the BEST and look the most FUN in.  If i'm doing something boring, then I better look really good in it, If I don't look good, then I need to be doing something really fun or really expressing myself.
Here are some things I try to show in pictures :
* Vacations
* Sports
* Wide Range of Emotions & Facial Expressions
* Hot girls,  but not too many, 1 or 2 pics out of 10 is enough
* My friends
* My family
* My work
* The city i'm in
* Bungee Jumping
* At the Beach
* Eating Sushi
* Laying around watching TV

I want a someone to be able to look at these 10 pictures and get know me.  I want a girl to be able to know what she will be doing if she spent a copule of weeks with me.  Express yourself.

Meeting the Girl

there isn't any real time frame about how soon i'll meet a chic from online. I just kind of have fun with it, not really taking any value or asking for any. I'll bring the conversations to things that I have going on and see if she bites.
I also like to invite them to things indirectly.
*PS: Its always good to talk on some sort of instant messenger or text messaging right away, trying to talk through email sucks.

"Have you ever been to blue martini? I'm meeting some friends up there tonight, Its one of my favorite places in town, i'd invite you, but we barely know each other and I don't want you standing around being all shy around my friends."

"When was the last time you've been to a house party? We are having a get together on saturday, john is grilling, a couple of guys pitched in for the fight and I'll be dominating on the beer pong tables. Do you play beer pong? I'd invite you over for saturday, but its a pretty long drive since you live accross town."

"Oh man, I need a break tonight, can you believe that i'm staying in? My blog will be blank, lol. I'm actually looking forward to just relaxing by the TV and eating some popcorn. I'd invite you to come kick it but I'll be watching Entourage and Californiacation, guy shows, no sex in the city here."

So basically I just keep it casual, never put any pressure on a girl to meet me from the internet and always leave it so she will have to jump through a mini hoop to see me.

Other times, if we get into an actual discussion about " meeting people from the internet" I will use what I call the "5 minute date" Its where we both agree to meet each other for 5 minutes, no more, no less, with just the intention of breaking the ice and then we go back to what we were doing. And if we want, we can plan something again later.
* This makes it so neither party gets stuck with an akward person for a long time
*  Its a minimal investment
* Its hard to use the "busy" excuse since its quick and easy
* And what ends up always happening is that you forget about the rule and just have your date right then and there and have a fun night.
* However, there have been a few times where I left because the girl didn't look anything like her pictures, ended up being a lot fatter or had the angles.
* In any case, no ones feelings are hurt because you both agreed you can only stay for 5 minutes.
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So I was laying in bed with a girl I pulled last night and we had some interesting pillow talk. I'll call her Cali Blondy. The conversation started with my best friend who is engaged to his swedish girlfriend, this guy and I had been all over the world together and was the best wingman I have ever had, from 2006-2008, we had met tons of women and had incredible times all before we new about "The Game". We were both very simular in our style except he would rarely get SNL (Same Night Lays) and usually end up in relationships. However, I would never end up in them and always had 1 night stands. So as Cali Blondy and I talked about this, I explained that I couldn't figure out what the difference was, I felt like we had very simular game. She was able to pin point exactly what it was

She went on to talk about when I approached her the 1st time. She said that everything about me told her I was a player, that I got laid a lot and that I had "NO FEAR". This made me smile. She said that everything I did was smooth, natural and while she knew she was being gamed, she was impressed with how the entire interaction went. She mentioned how at one point she noticed how she was mini isolated and turned away from her friends and all she could see was me and the wall and she was kind of boxed in. Her terms for game were not good, but as she described the interaction, it made me feel good inside. So her point was that she slept with me because she knew that I was a player, that she wouldn't have to invest anything afterwards, that I was used to sleeping with women and that I wouldn't judge her.
As for a guy like my friend, she wouldn't feel right doing so because he was more of a relationship guy, she might feel judge, it might be akward, and if she really liked him, she wouldn't want to give it up right away.

This was originally started as a thread  There was also some good responses so I turned it into a blog so it wouldn't get buried forever.


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I do a lot of things right, I've been with a lot of women, and have been very successful... there I said it, thats my "Brag". But thats not what this is about, this isn't about being perfect, As I know I am far from it, this is about the fuck ups, the misques, the things that just go wrong and I invite you to be a part of it. I will make this as interactive as possible by posting a ton of pictures, sarging with other members and accepting other's challenges plus suggestions on what YOU would like to see me do Tonight in the field, day 2's, and so forth. I will field test your material, your ideas, and report it all right here..

The plan is to make mistakes...a lot of them. I can do something right 100 times in a row and never know its the right move, but I can make a mistake 1 time and know what if feels like as its deeply imbeded in my soul.

I'm Adam, 30 year old male living in Las Vegas, Nevada, join me in my adventures.

hexen220 Wrote:

wait, what, this thread is about field testing ideas?????

Yes, I will field test some ideas.

-I go out 5 or 6 nights a week, sometimes 7.
-I will also be assisting instructors in more bootcamps
-Some nights I will do my own thing with my own objective
-Some nights I will go out with a sole mission of someone posting here, either field test, or a challenge.
All of it will be discussed here :
My ongoing Interactive Thread under Field Reports

Check it out
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As I sit in my hotel in Denver, Colorado... I ask myself... what do I want? What is there that I do not already have.  I just can't get to sleep tonight....I ponder for a good while.....

I have women, I have friends, I have freedom

-I could be in better shape, but do I care?  no... i'm in good enough shape to enjoy my life
-I could have more friends... maybe I could have better quality friends, like actors, sports stars, the president... but I love all the friends I have now.
-I could have more women? I don't know... I have been with somewhere between 450-500 women in the last 12 years. 

What makes me happy?  Women, being around them, sleeping with them, meeting new ones, the interactions we have together.  So I love women, women make me happy.... but where does it all end?  What is my goal?  1,000 women?  No, #'s are not important to me.....  I sit here at 3am and I can't seem to find the answer...
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While I used to think that nothing beats a good house party I've recently learned that every bar you goto can become your own house party and most of the time even more fun.  The reason that I love house parties is that you can easily go around and meet everyone with such ease, everyone is linked to each other some how, the conversations are natural and easy, and always plenty of seduction locations.  A house party is one big set merger.  What I found from bars is that It can be the same thing.  You have two kinds of people in bars... those your know... and those you don't. 
If you had a party at your house, you'll know the majority of the people there and anyone new, you'll go and introduce yourself and make sure they know where everything is at and having a good time.  So why not do the same thing when you are in a bar?  For all your next set knows, you could be the bar owner, the bar's biggest regular, or the fucking party host of the century, they have no idea, only what you project.  I've recently been approaching everyone in the bar as if they were the only strangers left to meet at my house party.  I'll make sure they are having a good time, ask if they know where everything is, the specials,  then i'll set merge.  After a while, you have met everyone in the bar and if you did a good job, you'll have sets dragging you back in and everyone watching you as you bounce around causing chaos.  Whatever your goals may be, you could end up with a ton of numbers, lots of makeouts, makings a ton of new friends, getting future hook ups at other bars, and of course rolling home with The Hottest Chicka in the place.

Below are just some random pictures from Last Night's Adventures here in Vegas.  House Party followed by a South Point Casino bowling alley bar, lol.  

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God I love VEGAS!!  So partied it up at Paradise Cantina early on then rolled out to Foundation Room inside Mandalay bay and invited a few guys out from RSD and other PUA communities.  We had a blast, got a ton of people in the game of lfie and met a ton of new people.  

PS:  Hit me up if you live in or are coming out to Vegas, if i'm in town, then i'm out somewhere, not always a riot but usually a good time.

more pictures on my direct blog site,
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This whole blog thing has been fun the last few weeks and I know i'll get used to bringing the camera out more... maybe i'll wear it as a necklace or something... thats an idea actually! So yeah... my day started at Ellis Island (casino) where I met up with Blake, Ben, Johnathon, Joe and Shawn who were already finished with their barbque feast. Codey rode over there with me and Niki met us there. So Ellis Island is lame, don't hate, so we rolled over to Paradise Cantina where low and behold, Jen was there who we met the night before and BAM! Got her to do 10 jumping jacks before even getting into the place. Met Ashley, who was our server, she wasn't as new as Jen said she was, but she joined the game as well and sure enough..... her jumping jacks came shortly after. More came throughout the evening from just about everyone and the Reds and Magic lost leaving Adam out of some cash from his previous sports bets :(

So we left the bar, quick stop at the house and rushed to Stoney's to meet up with Morgan and swindle some girls out of $ drinks. This is where I felt like I slacked on pictures, stoneys is probably my favorite place to go on thursdays and there are always a grip of new and fun people to meet and last night was no different, just... not enough pictures... arg. Ah well, maybe you can visualize it. Saw Michelle, Mike, and April there from the night before, my friend Constanine for a second, lost the lesbian bet with Morgan, and then ended up at South Point Casino bowling alley, $ drinks for everyone. Dominated at bowling, then bounced a little after 3am with the girl I pulled.

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So yeah, i've been out every night for the last 3 or 4 weeks... i'm not on any 30 day challenge nor am I working on something when I go out... i just love to party, enjoy meeting new people and i'm probably considered to be a raging alcoholic by the alcoholics.  Here are some pictures for the previous nights events.

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So this weekend was my first time as an Instructor Assistant and I had a blast.  Wild times!  Friday night was filled with strangers we got in on the "Game of Life" doing pushups and jumping jacks, then on Saturday night had to deal with the obstacle friends of doom who literally did everything they could to keep Ryan and I from our girls and Sunday night was 3sum that I ended up screwing up, but atleast Ryan pulled.  
Good times, good times, looking forward to all of the future parties!

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"After being introduced to this childish, silly game about 8 months ago, its been a part of my life ever since and has led to some great times in bars and amoung old friends and especially helps in making new friends and opening sets as this game can give you the attention of everyone around you.  Its led me to open everyone in the entire bar as well as sometimes have the entire bar open me with curiousity."

No one knows the true origin of the game of life. I was introduced to it while on a random adventure backpacking through Costa Rica (October 2008) when I noticed some yelling coming from the lounge in the hostel I just arrived in. After dropping off my stuff, I continued over to the common area to see someone on the floor doing push ups as everyone in the room was couting, 7, 8, 9, 10! They welcomed me to their little afternoon party and I immediately asked what that was about. An australian guy answered, “its the game of life mate”. He continued, “its called the Game of Life because it never ends, once you are in it, you’re stuck for life.”
Rules of the Game of Life.

1.) Anytime a guy answers a question using the “keyword” he must do 10 push ups. This is instant, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

2.) Anytime a girl answers a question using the “keyword” she must do 10 jumping jacks. This is instant, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

3.) If someone not in the game ask a question, it doesn’t matter if they answer with the “keyword” or not. Only people within the game may “get” other people within the game.

4.) The Keyword is “Mine”

5.) If you get embarrased easy, or you don’t like to be commited to something for life, then don’t join. Once you are in the Game, you are stuck forever. If this isn’t for you, then don’t join, people have had to do their “push ups/jumping jacks” in the strangest places and the craziest times. You at NOT the exception, if you think there will ever been a time where you would not be willing to do it, then don’t join, you’ll be disrespecting everyone who has joined before you.



The many victoms in the game of life
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