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My understanding of being unapologetic.

Unapologetic, Masculine. They go hand in hand.

As a man you need to be unapologetic for all your actions.
It expresses that you value your own opinion higher than any one elses. You trust yourself, so others can too.
You know you are expressing yourself and being congruent with who you are. Wether you are right or wrong is irrelevant. You trust yourself, and will learn from your mistakes.

Today i was checking out a girl who was walking past, while talking to a collegue. I was cherishing her energy, staring her up and down, just LOVING IT. Just as she went past my mate was like "WTF??". He was embarrassed at how utterly obvious I was. He tried to explain me that ""she clearly knew you were checking her out!". ......He didnt quite understand when I replied. "Thats the point."

At this point i turned around to watch her walk away.....and guess what, she was looking back. Snap.
See, I love this idea about being UNAPOLOGETIC (props to alex i believe). Especially when you are around hot girls, dont " pretend to ignore" them or some bullshit, be unapologetic in your attraction for them. In expressing this to them, you show that you dont apologise for who you are, A MAN,.......Which is EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE.

Now, im not saying be the  all creepy,  stalker lurker type......just DONT DENY your attraction to girls, because if you do, you are DENYING WHO YOU ARE to yourself. You are stiffling your expression and conveying that you are not "full" or complete as you are...........

This attraction also provides the foundation for your INTENT when you approach girls...but thats for another day.....


Ps. check my FR thread for those simple lay reports.
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